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0.9884 I'm a Cocoa lover myself, but I'm really for Rize winning this Best Girl Contest as well and in the end, I'm glad we can celebrate the fact that all girls in GochiUsa are best girls!
0.9255 It's has been a great pleasure to rewatch this wonderful show with you guys and may this not be the last of those moments!
0.9215 Glad to hear you enjoyed it and thank you very much for being awesome during this whole rewatch!
0.9201 I first want to thank you very much for your Rabbit House comments as I had a lot of joy reading through manga/aniem comparisons which was certainly a great addition for this rewatch.
0.9098 :) Have fun with it on your MAL and have a lovely day as well!
0.9069 Greetings Inori-Yu, as the host of this rewatch I'm still very happy to receive this positive feedback from you!
0.8999 And may you your friend admire those screencaps folder as well! :3
0.8993 Thanks Morty, don't forget that you are also a prize for this community for always being awesome in FTF~ []
0.8941 of course she's gonna get Best Girl :D I actually like this reasoning a lot.
0.8832 Thank you very much for sticking with us during this whole rewatch, I had a great time enjoying this show with you!
0.8716 Certainly will recommend it to people who are into theories. Thank you very much for being here with us, I had quite a good time reading your opinions too and may we see each other again also!

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-0.6124 one of the saddest goodbye I've seen. []
-0.4404 This is perhaps the harsh part of thread hosting in general.
-0.3851 You are most welcome!:3 I will gladly host a Yuru Yuri rewatch anytime soon, the only sad part is ofcourse that not anyone will join my thread on time.
-0.2732 I've tried the game Killing Floor after I got it free from Steam.
-0.1779 Good shit Jup, I was already watiting when Chiya will show up to take a picture of all the girls that moment and I wasn't dissapointed.
-0.0762 you weren't kidding with spending 8 hours on your model []
-0.0572 is she gonna... I don't want to know where this is heading... []
-0.0276 And it feels just damn satisfying to save your teammates when they almost die.
0.0 [Happy birthday,mate!]
0.0 []
0.0 I'm also going to do a rewatch for YuYuYu this weekend .
0.0 Until then, I'm busy with leveling up my Itsuki on that mobage. []