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0.9705 Thanks for sharing the photo with me :) :) :) Slap that baby in a frame and be super proud!
0.9273 Awesome, awesome, awesome!
0.9246 Thank you :) good luck, and welcome.
0.8903 You did a wonderful job, very cute :3
0.8795 I love all three of your patterns, they're really fun and well done.
0.8793 Wow, these look great, but I think the zoodlnara looks amazing.
0.877 [I love it!!!!!] Wonderful job.
0.8555 I think everything always looks better under glass and in a frame, and I love Adventure Time.
0.8547 Hope this helps! ps: Welcome to Toronto!!
0.8519 Great job, I love it.
0.8442 Your tattoo is beautiful, I love it.

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-0.8581 When I said no, he called me a fucking bitch :(
-0.6721 Also, couldn't help but laugh at loud at the
-0.6486 George is dead.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6324 I'm not sure if that would also apply to damage caused by strangers though.
-0.6249 Maybe also a broccoli florette and "vile weed" on it...
-0.5574 Cardboard is acidic, so it will yellow and turn the fabric nasty over time.
-0.5561 I have a ton of excellent regulars, but every now and then I get the ones with such a sense of entitlement and it makes me INSANE!
-0.5367 I work for a framing shop and can see some of the things that were crafted years ago and having taken them apart, you can really see the damage some of the materials have done to the aida cloth.
-0.4926 Not to worry, you've got the key!
-0.4633 You've made me feel NOT ALONE!
-0.357 I've never seen those cute bottles in stores before.