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0.9144 my only CC is that i think your lips would look better without the overlining, but i love the color on them :)
0.9136 i have regulars that i love even though they don't tip often, they're just super nice and that's what's important
0.8945 very pretty and natural, i love it!
0.8779 haha aww yay, happy bacon kad ~
0.8655 you're totally free to order whatever you want, and most of us don't mind at all as long as you're nice about it :)
0.8459 we just took down our sign for the unicorn altogether, but honestly that was probably the better idea!
0.8388 i usually do biceps with back, but i haven't tried face pulls so i'll definitely incorporate those :)
0.8386 so creative, i love it!
0.8386 i'm not sure if it was a green bean or another partner not paying attention, but someone made toasted coconut whip instead of marshmallow...it was pretty good though!
0.8316 like others said i would definitely talk to your manager when you can, but maybe putting your foot down to her in certain situations would help.
0.8307 i wrote out a 3 day a week workout schedule, so i'm hoping that'll help me at least get the structure down again :)

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-0.9568 everyone i know loves trader joe's, but i got the worst food poisoning from their yogurt one time and that killed it for me
-0.8883 but in my mind that still wasn't enough and i was frustrated and didn't do it, which is how i sabotage myself!
-0.8107 these people are paying $5+ for a drink, so i think it's shitty if you make them feel bad about it.
-0.7506 i do think it's annoying when people hate them on principal though.
-0.7269 then if she complained that you hurt her feelings, just say that you're not trying to be mean, just doing your job
-0.6996 i struggle really badly with anxiety too, and i think that's a really good first step, and it'll make tackling everything else seem a little less intimidating
-0.6744 i saw that you mentioned that she's on meds for anxiety, but has she talked to her psychiatrist about this problem?
-0.6486 i mean, people shit on frappuccinos pretty hard in this sub, so i can see why people would feel bad asking for one
-0.6419 some days this works better than others, but gotta get shit done anyway!
-0.5994 no complaints
-0.5788 i know confrontation is scary, but you can't just let somebody take your cup...that's not okay at all
-0.554 as a lot of other people pointed out though, baby steps are totally okay and consistency is the key, not perfection :) we'll get there and figure it out!