/u/rogue-support is a total dick!

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0.9176 Tell the "Pastor" that if God does not kill you within the year then he consents to you giving him a good swift kick in the face...
0.8428 You do so using the good name and deeds of our grandparents, who served in the military when it actually DID protect our liberties. YOU are not them.
0.7876 Your best friend won't tell you, but I will: I f you REALLY think men think like that, and that's what goes through their heads...
0.7269 If you need a special "social" prefix, you are being sold the opposite of Justice. People are noticing.
0.7177 Glad I could help!
0.6841 Three wishes for EVERYONE, and watch the world burn :D
0.6833 It's objective truth. Edit: LOOK AT ALL THE DOWNVOTES FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!
0.6486 Directing OP to an echo-chamber of self created delusion will only encourage the reinforcement of delusion.
0.6486 Belief and faith are simply making virtues out of not thinking.
0.6369 If the majority believe in "god" it's shared delusion, and doesn't survive a trip to India. 2+2=4 is true.
0.6369 What is the best method of laundering money, that evades your detection?

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-0.9732 You lied AGAIN. Saying that an evil ignorant violent ideology is an evil ignorant violent ideology is NOT "hatred".
-0.9656 Same thing. Evil ignorant violent people who endorse evil, ignorance and violence. They are both the same!
-0.9202 Islam is an evil, ignorant, violent, misogynist ideology, that really does bring in the rape culture that feminists and SJWs claim exists today. So, yes.
-0.9153 They are both evil, ignorant, violent ideologies. If I said the same thing about Nazis, would you be giving me this "bigot" bullshit?
-0.9112 Strange that they don't get along! If you hold an evil, ignorant violent ideology, it doesn't matter.
-0.8896 People who have no grasp of electromagnetism works will eat this shit up! Here in REALTY, though, this is a big steaming pile of Industrial-Grade Russian Bullshit.
-0.886 It's not a "broad generalization" if the core of the ideology is evil, ignorant, violent and misogynist...
-0.886 The very act of looking for anything to substantiate your evil, ignorant and violent position will only serve to prove my point.
-0.8779 Even today, we have islam; an evil rotting vestige of a time when rape was a "right".
-0.875 Nothing this useless violent turd did was a "sacrifice". Nothing the military does these days "protects" us, and this guy is a dumb government thug.
-0.8689 Evil people with evil ideas.
-0.8625 Quebec has a severe Muslim problem you don't hear about elsewhere. If you are an adult in 2017 who believes in magic sky-daddies from middle-eastern death cults, then you should pay a tax.