/u/rogue-support is a total dick!

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0.8455 This is what makes Canada great :D
0.7959 That is why YOUR kind will always be the servants of MY kind. But, hey, you've got those "Social Skills"!
0.7876 Your best friend won't tell you, but I will: I f you REALLY think men think like that, and that's what goes through their heads...
0.7814 It's REALLY easy to convince me here.
0.7213 See terms like " Yugoslav wars", where the Muslims showed their TRUE colours, as any Serb will tell you.
0.6841 Three wishes for EVERYONE, and watch the world burn :D
0.6833 It's objective truth. Edit: LOOK AT ALL THE DOWNVOTES FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!
0.6369 Our own standard of living has priced us out of the world markets, and this is the best they, and every other large corporation, can do.
0.6369 They love telling that lie the most.
0.6166 FUN FACT: Every "transsexual" I've ever surveyed, had Ritalin as a child.
0.6038 I REALLY DO, but when the issue is raised, all your kind has is name-calling and lies. I do not want what I say to be true, but what I want has nothing to do with reality.

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-0.9656 Same thing. Evil ignorant violent people who endorse evil, ignorance and violence. They are both the same!
-0.9456 No "t's "social skills" that's the problem! Fuck off. If we were both put in isolation, with a computer with NO operating system, and NO IDE, I could program it.
-0.9442 Learn from history. Saying that Islam is an evil, ignorant, violent, homophobic, misogynist rape culture is simply FACT.
-0.9371 Here is some more "Hate Speech", since there are evil, ignorant, violent Muslims claiming I'm "starting war". http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/
-0.936 Only evil ignorant death cult members think "holy war" is a thing.
-0.936 "Girl" is not a belief or ideology; Islam IS. "Girl" is a gender and is not "chosen" or "believed"; Islam is. Islam is an evil, ignorant, violent, homophobic, misogynist death cult.
-0.9202 Islam is an evil, ignorant, violent, misogynist ideology, that really does bring in the rape culture that feminists and SJWs claim exists today. So, yes.
-0.9153 They are both evil, ignorant, violent ideologies. If I said the same thing about Nazis, would you be giving me this "bigot" bullshit?
-0.9112 Strange that they don't get along! If you hold an evil, ignorant violent ideology, it doesn't matter.
-0.9104 You're mentally ill. That is REALITY. Mutilating yourself and placing a burden on an already broken health-care system is INSANE!
-0.899 I'm in CANADA, and I can still speak up about it, but as long as you and your ilk hold this idioic belief that FACTS=HATE, we run the risk of being the NEXT victims of the Islamic Death cult.
-0.8969 If you tell me I have to pretend reality isn't true, and I'll be fined or jailed because I won't pretend a boy is a girl, then FUCK THEM!