/u/rockguy21 is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 It's generally just a nice university with a friendly, positive vibe to it.
0.7717 I, too, believe that making people into lamps is a great innovation in medical science.
0.7277 As much as I love people treating each other in good faith, this is so fake and phoned in it's laughable.
0.6953 Don't bring poor Calvin into this, I'm quite fond of him.
0.6369 Something something glorious Tiger IV master race.
0.6369 There are multiple well respected scientists that say gender dysphoria is real thing [REEEEEEEEE]
0.6077 His show has triggered all the snow flakes so now they retreat to their safe spaces on social media.
0.5994 Well see, Daffy Duck, America is language secular, so English isn't technically the official language of the United States, even if most people do speak English.
0.5859 I have a couple times, neither time did I find an arguement that impressed me) or sources that are shoddy at best. Apparently researching and going in depth with information makes us the bad guys?
0.5574 [I like to refer to this scene from the Mist whenever God gets brought up]
0.5574 A personal hero of mine, Glenn Seaborg, worked there and contributed massively to science.

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-0.9531 If this is who they are, then leave them the fuck alone, the abuse these people suffer on a daily basis is cruel enough.
-0.8689 I mean, killing a few thousand Japanese people is the same as killing as many as 11,000,000 Slavs, Gays, Gypsies, Jews, etc., etc., right?
-0.8625 127,000 dead Russians = 2,000,000 dead Russians.
-0.8297 More people died building the fucking V2s than died from V2s.
-0.7841 You know what's even more terrifying than Nazis technology, ineffective, overpriced, and ridiculously over-engineered that it is?
-0.765 Don't think of Hyperion's New-U respawn charges as war profiteering, think of them as war...
-0.6901 Jesus, Ben, I didn't know I could get fucking cancer from a vaccine.
-0.6808 Who the Hell is Goddard?
-0.636 *"Don't think of your death as failure; think of it as fun!
-0.6124 Owning Black People Because They're Black = Not Racist
-0.5719 Well, I'm sorry if this offends you Stephan Molyneux, you Goebbels wanna be, but the only good Nazis is a dead Nazis, that's what I always say.