/u/rockguy21 is kind of a dick.

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0.9224 Nice comment history in t_d you have there, I see you REALLY love making fun of both candidates, as long as that candidates name is "Hillary Clinton"
0.7506 Why does almost every prompt nowadays sound like the plot of a summer blockbuster?
0.6369 [He also gave one of the best TED talks on development in the third world I've ever seen, in case you wanted to have a look at that]
0.6249 Would you be interested in being emulated by any future artificial intelligences, as to leave a sort of Bill Gates computer personality?
0.6124 Imgur doesn't get this is a joke lol
0.4767 When the president has 39% approval ratings people are typically going to show their irateness.
0.4449 You can't take a major villain and just remove him with some instantaneous mood swing.
0.4404 That eagle looks like he can't fucking believe 2 guys just freed him from a trap.
0.4404 The song is called Fortunate Son, kid
0.4404 Last Cuck Tonight with Johnny Trigger-Warning is the full name, good sir.
0.4215 Nice to see he finally got out of Alcatraz.

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-0.9312 All right, putting aside the fact that there are 0 gun related deaths in the US caused by legal gun owners is totally bullshit, the seal on this motherfucker is calling for an armed insurrection.
-0.8625 They became corrupted by years of slavery and cruel treatment from the Dwemer.
-0.8225 The asbestos released by the collapse of the twin towers is actually expected to cause quite a lot of lung cancer due to the fact that it blew up into the air and is settling back down.
-0.7447 The children would fight each other, regularly be beaten, underfed, and left in the wild during the winter with little to no clothes.
-0.7351 Not depressed, just an underachiever who's tired of life's endless trials.
-0.6908 At 18, they had to kill a helot, a member of the Spartan slave class, and not get caught.
-0.6705 To teach an avoidance to capture, as being captured would be a sign of weakness.
-0.6597 He got 97,000 votes on a twitter poll within the first ten seconds on shittiest character, you know?
-0.6486 The one where you find the dead family in the lighthouse cellar, on the North Coast, to the East of Winterhold.
-0.6486 And why would you want to practice your aim by shooting at bottles other than to get ready to shoot and kill something.
-0.6479 Tons of kids died doing this, and the ones that didn't were molested and would go on to molest the next set of children.
-0.6369 If there was any chance that the child was imperfect, it was left to die on a sacred hill.