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0.8718 u/BlameTheFirst and his immaculate strawmen, I'm sure he'd love to know we're all very proud of him.
0.8625 It's generally just a nice university with a friendly, positive vibe to it.
0.8519 The Libertarian solution to police shooting people and getting off scot free is to allow everyone to shoot people and get off scot free.
0.8279 Because Satan doesn't necessarily causes evil, he's just an embodiment of it, because he committed the greatest sin there is, thinking oneself greater than The Almighty, etc., etc.
0.8031 Wow this image isn't absolutely fucking horrifying or anything.
0.802 Exercising your freedom of speech = No more freedom of speech
0.765 They might still well do some horrid shit but they do their fair share of good in the world, especially in the developing world.
0.6908 Superhot would be nice, thanks bud.
0.6858 I may have black lung, but it's CLEAN COAL BLACK LUNG
0.6597 If I might interject, I suppose he means on a global scale, because compared to most of Europe, the US democratic party is basically a center-right party.
0.6369 Religion is complicated and it's best to just boil it down to don't be an asshole.

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-0.9531 If this is who they are, then leave them the fuck alone, the abuse these people suffer on a daily basis is cruel enough.
-0.9136 I would also say the atom bomb was far preferable to the invasion of Japan, which would've been horrific and dragged the war out and cost needlessly more lives.
-0.8689 I mean, killing a few thousand Japanese people is the same as killing as many as 11,000,000 Slavs, Gays, Gypsies, Jews, etc., etc., right?
-0.8625 127,000 dead Russians = 2,000,000 dead Russians.
-0.7184 I think that statement has become depressingly accurate in recent months, what with the wholesale blindness of an uncomfortably large portion of the country towards the actions of the president.
-0.7177 Aww, you're really ripping into me, now go for the kill!
-0.7096 I assume all mass shooters are mentally ill, as I find there to be very little logic or reasoning for someone to think wasting other peoples irreplaceable lives is a solution to your problem.
-0.6705 Maybe if u/BlameTheFirst had any balls he'd come and try and defend this bullshit instead of spewing it out from behind his blogspot.
-0.5764 It's not that difficult, it's just a fuckin maze man, and so many dumb repetitive objectives,
-0.5719 Because FDR's policies totally weren't what ended the depression or anything.
-0.5719 Well, I'm sorry if this offends you Stephan Molyneux, you Goebbels wanna be, but the only good Nazis is a dead Nazis, that's what I always say.
-0.5574 Yet you put Tony in your shitty fucking memes.