/u/righttobeararmslol is kind of a dick.

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0.8979 Yes I agree about the last part, cronoh is a fucking shitter, especially doing the shit he did on an account clearly associated with his business life, this guy must be fucking brain dead...
0.8122 Yes the enforcement of said rule hasn't changed at all as more and more admins have been added for sure! :^) /me ^floats ^away ^^to ^^the ^^^fairyland ^^^you ^^^must ^^^^live ^^^^on
0.7845 Yes this happens constantly to so many people that its best to just remove me from any and all conversations you might be involved in.
0.7579 For someone that claims to not be a shill, you sure love shilling http://twitter.com/synthhCSGO/with_replies
0.743 Not sure if [] or just got baited by all the shit media coverage... http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/04/pierson-trump-711-222145
0.7351 So for people that are gonna say "lol what a hypersensitive pussybitchnigga, it was like 2 threads and they were joking" it wasn't.
0.7346 https://www.twitch.tv/eloise_ailv/v/73298224?t=03h14m30s Its really great that she can be so open about how autistic she felt playing this childrens car game.
0.7096 I always found ISBoxer / multiboxing setups pretty interesting
0.7096 Giving people like you a second chance is something that has always backfired because they go on to do the same again, or something more extreme.
0.6808 Interesting read, good to see your issue got fixed in the end.
0.6472 Sorry, where did you address anything that I actually typed, after literally saying "if you don't stop just saying 'yeah ok...' like that Key&Peele skit, you're getting a 48h ban".

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-0.916 I banned you so people stop wasting time trying to explain to a drunk retard something that clearly they lack the logic to understand in there current state.
-0.9022 Try using some logic before you act like this is some conspiracy to ban one faggot for streaming something questionable.
-0.8934 Kindly fuck off and die, or just get banned by /u/NeoDestiny for being cancerous as fuck in his community.
-0.8848 Not even sure why I bothered responding but hey, at least I don't have to get banned from an internet chat to not feel like a worthless scumbag.
-0.8704 How did this shitty "evidence" get fucking upvoted HOLY SHIT []...
-0.8591 Or how you can sit watching something you think is retarded for 30 minutes, bitching about it being retarded throughout.
-0.8442 If the Bot is broken, and you shitpost / repeatedly do things that are usually banned, I don't know why you wouldn't expect to be banned in some form.
-0.8422 The new VOD system sucks ass, but it was an understandable decision on twitch's side, no matter how much I dislike it.
-0.8225 Fucking end yourself for saying shit this stupid.
-0.8074 You have been banned so many times on so many alts, for being a braindead retard, by both me and Destiny, I don't know why he hasn't just banned you from this sub as well tbh.
-0.8074 https://www.reddit.com/r/Destiny/comments/36g4yg/perm_banned_by_righttobeararmslol/crdp6r7 where you say a bunch of deluded retarded shit and show your autism to the 10th degree.
-0.8047 I'm not a mod here obviously, but I can guarantee that is why, either because it already was a problem, or because it is such an obvious problem that was blocked before it had really happened.