/u/rhettal is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8687 Hahaha better luck next time!
0.8668 You have an amazing body, and I LOVE those leggings.
0.8658 Thank you, love :)
0.8519 Happy holidays :)
0.8516 You look amazing plus I love these leggings!
0.8439 Glad to hear <3 thanks!
0.8313 Glad to hear that :) thank you!
0.8286 Happy cake day :D
0.8126 I appreciate it and I hope I can live up to that supposed legend lol
0.7871 I didn't know that was a thing but that's awesome!
0.7456 That's cool too :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 1% evil and 99% hot gas.
-0.5423 Bad wording..
-0.5334 I don't mean to sound conceited in anyway but if people didn't enjoy my content, I wouldn't post here.
-0.4939 You can imagine my fear wearing it in public
-0.4767 Think you may have the wrong person, I've never done business with you before.
-0.34 Unfortunately I don't own a hoolahoop at the moment.
-0.21 PSA I'm not a teacher lol I'm a student. Another PSA yes I'm aware my shirt has a hole in it and no it's not because I'm unable to afford a new one.
-0.0276 It's a little blurry.
0.0 That would be mortifying
0.0 Are you a poet?
0.0 Come check me out on my subreddit!