/u/rha27 is very positive!

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0.8573 Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it :)
0.8478 Also, that video was pretty helpful. Thanks!
0.8402 Oh, ok, well that's a lot easier. Thanks dude*
0.7568 Deposited a level 40 male Corsola requesting Kyogre. My favorite legendary pokemon is Mew! Thanks!
0.7256 Sure! Also i already have you on my friend list!
0.7214 My favorite pokemon is zangoose so I would need about 6 clones to defeat him. Deposited a level 25 male Chinchou. Oh and more ketchup please. Thanks a lot!
0.7003 I bought it from a random guy on the internet, and it does look like it is bl unlocked.
0.6908 Ok, thats fine. What pokemon are you interested in?
0.69 Great! Which pokemon do you want?
0.69 Hmm, it does look like a wolf spider. Thanks dude!
0.6597 I guess that's its better to just to defeat them on hard right away. thanks dude :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6956 Remember when you went to shill your stream on lolg but a lot of people told you to fuck off?
-0.5947 Maybe, but it is strange that just a tiny amount of devices got the yellowish tint, doesn't sound like a feature.
-0.5574 The point is that he did not tried to advertise his shit.
-0.5574 No problem, so which one do you want?
-0.5423 bad jokes should be a bannable offense
-0.4939 Any link to the "tried to steal money from scuffed Steve Jobs"?
-0.4767 Whats wrong with the fingerprint sensor?
-0.4574 Turns out that the problem was the cable!
-0.4019 Maybe that's the problem, I'll buy a new one later.
-0.3612 Not being sore does not mean that you're not progressing.
-0.3412 That is not funny.
-0.296 No, the soreness should go away after your body gets used to lifting.