/u/rha27 is very positive!

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0.8573 Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it :)
0.8491 Deposited a level 1 female Gastly. HA eevee would be better, thanks!
0.8478 Also, that video was pretty helpful. Thanks!
0.8402 Oh, ok, well that's a lot easier. Thanks dude*
0.802 lol :p youre welcome
0.7959 I would like a whole box but it's time consuming, o+13 would be fine too thanks!
0.7767 Deposited level 12 female Zubat. IGN: Sycdp My favorite cartoon character is Jake the dog! Thanks a lot!!
0.7568 Deposited a level 40 male Corsola requesting Kyogre. My favorite legendary pokemon is Mew! Thanks!
0.7562 Thanks for your help!!!
0.7256 Sure! Also i already have you on my friend list!
0.7214 My favorite pokemon is zangoose so I would need about 6 clones to defeat him. Deposited a level 25 male Chinchou. Oh and more ketchup please. Thanks a lot!

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-0.636 no problem! take your time
-0.5574 No problem, so which one do you want?
-0.5423 bad jokes should be a bannable offense
-0.3612 Not being sore does not mean that you're not progressing.
-0.3182 * Pokemon: Shaymin * Reason for not ever obatining: Only event was for Diamond/Pearl and I lost my cartridge
-0.3134 Haven't lifted in almost 5 months, so im scared i might've lost some strength.
-0.296 No, the soreness should go away after your body gets used to lifting.
-0.25 Yes, he can be drown.
-0.1531 Not many tbh, well, at least not a considerable amount to actually lose weight.
-0.0211 Nah, I barely used my phone, so there was no need to clean it with anything but the microfiber cloth.
0.0 That you're heavier.
0.0 Money Trees?