/u/rguin is a total dick!

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0.8176 I think you'd be pleasantly surprised if you got out there and actually had heartfelt conversations with more self-identifying feminists.
0.7906 They all want to upend my life for daring to be in love with a black woman as a white man.
0.7783 I love with groups of people suddenly become capable of only one task at a time for the convenience of a narrative.
0.7199 Sure, I don't disagree with both, but give me a way to follow /u/Hans_Brickface's proposal without violating bodily autonomy.
0.7139 Please fuckin' say that. No, we don't have to ban all advocation of the needs of a particular ethnicity just because we ban advocation of genocide.
0.705 How welcome were they? I see you don't give a fuck about the different meanings of "identity".
0.6988 That's a laugh. Also, it's funny how you're so offended that you go straight to name calling.
0.6705 And I'm pretty sure there aren't.
0.6486 lol like we're card carrying members.
0.6369 2017: the year when being anti-calls-for-genocide became anti-American. I love this nation and her people and her lands.
0.6124 Which is, as you say, a "direct violation of freedom of speech". Or your understanding of freedom of speech is childish.

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-0.9552 I find the difference between "kill that Jew" and "kill everyone that's Jewish" immaterial, as Jewish people are still threatened with violence.
-0.936 You are still the subject of my threat of violence, and, should I act on my threat, you are still in momentary danger.
-0.9001 Having a student on campus that wants 40-ish% of the student body to be violently murdered fails that on both counts.
-0.9001 Wanting the violent deaths of millions is being a violent cunt. It's an opinion to oppose marijuana legalization.
-0.8885 "I'm gonna hurt you" is immaterially different from "We're gonna hurt any/all black people" if the listener is black. I find the court's opinion to be the dishonest one.
-0.886 I'm saying that advocation of violence have been deemed not allowed, so advocation of *mass* violence should be no different.
-0.8658 You're just a dumb, hateful cunt.
-0.8591 "Whatabout black on black crime" in response to "Tell cops to stop shooting us" is the response of assholes.
-0.836 Slavery is worse.
-0.836 Kendrick Lamar talks about black people killing other black people and how horrible it is *constantly* in his music.
-0.8258 My million dollar salary and I are struggling so much because we don't win often and people mock us for it online.
-0.8062 I mainly have this account for stupid slapfights about racism and politics; not serious conversations.