/u/rguin is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Other conditions are distant seconds to it at best. The distinction, is, to me, trivial at best.
0.8402 I agree with Trump like 20-50% and I agree with Hillary like 15-45% You literally just put Bernie and Clinton next to eachother on a political mapping.
0.802 That makes him, at best, a South Park style libertarian including willingness to weaponize minorities in his quest for "centrism".
0.7579 He claims to be left leaning, and a "classical liberal", but spits on slight left leaning candidates like Clinton and Macron, and embraces far right candidates like Le Pen.
0.7579 reasons? One's own nationality is for sure on the table, as one should have the ability to talk about how their nation--both in terms of laws and social norms--should improve.
0.6623 I'm just saying that you don't give a shit what I say because you *\~\~feeeeeeeel\~\~* like I think that way.
0.6597 It seems like it would. here's the thing: we, effectively, *do* have segregated neighborhoods.
0.5911 Really why care so much about what a fuckwit manchild thinks??
0.5859 This is amazing.
0.5423 You, on the other hand, are somehow agreeing with a man that's promoting abridging civil rights and harming the poor....
0.5423 You can sell whatever books you want. You can't turn people away at the door for having a certain skin color or holding hands with a certain person.

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-0.9042 Accidentally feeding into something evil doesn't make one evil; it makes one human.
-0.8316 poor people on the grounds of it being "identity politics" because that's sufficient cause for him to call it bad because he's myopic and childish.
-0.7717 That was done before you started this crusade of bitching at me for it. Your turn, motherfucker.
-0.7717 So you're barking up the wrong tree, dumbass.
-0.765 B) Police have more likely to patrol poor neighbourhoods that have high crime rates.
-0.7645 He felt Hillary is more corrupt then Trump. Famously corrupt if you're choking on Fox New's big fucking dick.
-0.7506 Fuck your attempt to belittle me.
-0.7441 gonna get called more names. Because it's not an agreed on 'fact', and it's one that gets Sikhs and Hindus killed.
-0.743 It's unhelpful mewling relied on by hateful shits and often taken wildly out of context.
-0.6895 Motherfucker, he's done nothing but support the far-right for the past two years. **2.
-0.6369 He hated allot of corruption more then a less corruption. Again, are you fucking listening to yourself?
-0.6258 For him it was Le Pen for me it was Macron. Right, he sees ethnonationalism as less evil than...