/u/rguin is kind of a dick.

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0.8844 You don't know how many of them are aware of its roots, but are immature and think it's funny because it sounds like a slur. So, yeah, knowledge is knowing that it's not a racial slur.
0.8597 They're fine with them existing, but they don't want to see them showing affection, hear about them being affectionate, or anything of the sort.
0.8555 "But I'll do all I can to silence people that say you shouldn't advocate ethnic cleansing" I love how flimsy their grasp of freedom of speech is.
0.7906 I'd love to hear these non-racist points of view lol
0.765 You don't, in reality, have to play the identity politics game. I love this bit.
0.7645 They very well might be the best for the job.
0.7351 My favorite was when they pretended to care deeply about comics when "Lady Thor" was unveiled.
0.7269 Calling for support for Muslims is just a side act. Or we just believe in justice and equality.
0.6486 I've heard tons of "X doesn't work" from conservatives but pretty much never a "X would work" (unless X is, basically, "make cities live in police states"...
0.6249 Those are great jobs, those are union jobs.

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-0.9001 If I feed someone nuts knowing they'll have an anaphylactic reaction to nuts and intending to cause an anaphylactic reaction for the sake of causing harm or death, then I should go to jail.
-0.8821 And if racism is immoral and unjust, does that not leave us with an obligation to undo its effects?
-0.8591 But in failing to recognize all the nuances of the problems, we'll fail to actually fix 'em.
-0.8442 That search yields a bunch of pundits insisting that I hate myself when I know for a fact I don't. Show me a liberal hating themself, or drop the claim.
-0.8271 https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5yeyh5/three_black_man_kidnapped_and_gang_raped_an/ 11.5K; comments full of racist hate.
-0.8126 Likewise, if I show someone with epilepsy a strobe image with the intent of triggering a seizure and causing harm or death, I should go to jail.
-0.8074 It could be considered incitement if you did so knowingly trying to incite violence, but the harm wasn't direct.
-0.7876 but the "ech" is dead to me.
-0.7814 I refuse to treat a Saudi Arabian person with disdain, but I'm still gonna hate the Saudi Arabian government.
-0.7184 even though they're parroting the talking points of racist white supremacists.
-0.7102 They call for precisely that kind of violence every other fucking thread, and their pithy "We don't actually want violence!" post won't fucking change that.
-0.7096 If I just accidentally have a strobe-y gif open while someone with epilepsy is looking at my screen, I should not. Intent to cause harm is a long-standing precedent in our country's laws.