/u/rguin is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 Which company just did it and made a great game with great characters?
0.7964 Though I'm pretty sure I'm the odd Shock fan out in that I consider B2 to have the best gameplay of the series.
0.765 Blizzard didn't offer us any reassurance with Overwatch; they just offered us what we've been asking for for a while and did a great job with it.
0.7506 lol Liking "Japaneseness" doesn't make sexualizing teenagers okay.
0.743 Something about being a hulking Big Daddy was satisfying and fun.
0.7096 Because I've never made or defended that statement. TIL antifa is my friends and I defend them lol. It's fuckin' video games, man.
0.6969 Here I am agreeing with the rest of your comment save the "feminists don't seem to understand" bit. Yeah, COD is the low-effort end of gaming; that's why it has mass appeal and why I don't play it.
0.6705 So I'm to be held responsible for all words uttered by anyone I have even moderate agreement with?
0.6597 That's nice, dear.
0.6409 if you're such a fan of Nazi narratives that you actively support and endorse them, why are you so upset about being called a Nazi yourself?
0.6369 Why can't artists change their art to make sure they're better received by the audience without dampening the core message?

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-0.9413 Wars are messy; the Founders made war necessary to end slavery.
-0.9393 They're lives were shit for no real reason and would be kept shit because they were born with the wrong skin tone or wrong last name.
-0.9344 And the French should be starving under an idiotic monarchy too, right? Fuck it, just answer /u/yeahitsathrowawaybut's question: what, to you, would justify violent revolution?
-0.8807 No, the blame lies with those who cried wolf in the first place. No, it's not.
-0.8204 So I disagree. "Indiscriminate killing" whitewashes the events of their context.
-0.8126 And that was in spite of the still racist bases that both sides of the government were still trying to cater to.
-0.8122 "I didn't kickstart it but I'm mad that she missed her deadlines!"
-0.8115 Because you lot so fuckin' worried about who's called a Nazi are irrational as fuck and don't actually understand who's being called a Nazi.
-0.7964 Open conflict and de-facto slavery are entirely different things.
-0.7906 I heard it as a statement that the story's portrayal of "just as bad as" was garbage. But, really, in B:I's case: was VP as bad as the Founders?
-0.7906 Die quietly in squalor because they dared to be born the wrong ethnicity?
-0.7845 Bitter shut-ins with fantasies of violence.