/u/responsiblegunpwner is kind of a dick.

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0.8745 Buying cigarettes wasn't literally putting cancer cells in peoples bodies but it was directly responsible for getting new smokers addicted which led to many of them getting cancer.
0.8442 If you buy a gun or ammo or even range time, you're funding a political machine that exists solely to increase profits for the firearms industry at the expense of the lives and freedom of innocents.
0.8126 True Responsible Gun Owners, like the guntrolls that populate gunnit for example, all keep their guns locked up, unloaded, with the ammunition safely locked away in a separate place.
0.8074 That would be a huge improvement over the laws we currently have and a good step toward a sensible gun regulatory scheme like Canada or the UK or Australia.
0.7506 Because if you are, I have a fantastic opportunity for you.
0.7351 But good luck getting that mandatory military service instituted here, let me know how that works out for you.
0.6794 More like you believe in jerking off about firearms apocrypha, like all guntrolls.
0.6597 Yeah, right after they pass universal health care and immigrant protection laws and consumer protection laws and workers rights laws...
0.6588 We will Make America Great Again, one massacre at a time!
0.6588 This is a great start to Trump's America!
0.6369 Episode 7, B.A.N., is one of the best episodes of television I think I've ever seen.

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-0.9217 Every dollar spent on guns, ammo, and accessories is another dollar used to support the arming of terrorists, racists, domestic abusers, criminals and psychopaths.
-0.91 Or are we going to stick with the bullshit argument that [all gun owners are law abiding Responsible Gun Owners] and only criminals break laws?
-0.8957 I mean, he has no compunction about killing, why would he hesitate to use a fake ID?
-0.8588 Shape up, assholes, get it together and start killing people!
-0.8547 So you will never gain traction with your arguments because you're only going to appeal to insecure and ignorant people.
-0.8402 It's time to fight back and it's time to fight fire with fire.
-0.8316 Are you just going to [keep spamming me] with the same ridiculous article quoting some headline grabbing moron from Florida or are you going to read the facts?
-0.823 You just parrot whatever bullshit propaganda strokes your moronic worldview and never stop to actually think for yourself, do you?
-0.8176 Background checks that consider mental health *and* history of criminal violence?
-0.8126 As long as there are no consequences for selling that gun because it's impossible to prove a person sold a gun to a known felon, there will be someone willing to sell the gun.
-0.802 *Your* arguments are based on beliefs and fears, our arguments are based on facts and science.
-0.7906 Unfortunately for us, there is no way to know who this person was or stop them from getting another gun and selling or giving it to a felon, because there is no paper trail.