/u/responsiblegunpwner is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 Wow, I'm so awed by your stunning intellect, I just wish I could be you, bro.
0.8873 Just make sure you get an official NRA Good Guy With A Gun^ decoder ring so the other Good Guys With Guns^ know that you're an official Good a Guy With A Gun^ and not a Bad Guy With A Gun.
0.8625 If you want to be treated like a human being, with some respect, maybe act like one, ok?
0.8625 Comprehensive UBC, like the kind performed in every other civilized nation, will help immensely.
0.8625 It's an easy way to gain confidence and validation, sold under the fairy tale that you're "protecting" yourself and your family.
0.862 Didn't know there was one in chamber, didn't mean to kill boyfriend, not a hate crime, promise." he said, after seeing the gaping hole in the teenage boy's chest.
0.7845 The odds of this child being an emotionally stable, productive adult were probably pretty low to begin with if these were its parents, now they're even lower thanks to the easy availability of guns.
0.7802 But look at every other civilized nation on the planet and notice that they don't have gun violence like we do, guess what the common denominator is?
0.7746 Even if he had been a felon, there's nothing stopping him from going on a site like armslist or our own lovely r gunsforsale and arranging a private sale.
0.7696 If we had more heroes like him, think of all the savings to taxpayers not having to pay police and pensions and health insurance and judges and courts and ...
0.7579 I'm sure this guy is a perfectly normal dude.

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-0.9626 Scalice has been at the forefront of making guns more accessible to terrorists, domestic abusers, the mentally ill, rapists and criminals.
-0.9461 That racist asshat made a bunch of Bernie bro posts and comments so that fools like you would blame the left for his racism and violence.
-0.9403 Gun laws written by the NRA to make sure that gun manufacturers can continue to sell their death machines to every terrorist, domestic abuser, nut job, and felon with a couple hundred bucks.
-0.9349 They use fear and threats of violence, along with the occasional actual violence, to push a radical political agenda.
-0.8674 Nobody deserves to be shot, but this motherfucker somes close.
-0.8658 How about the fact that in countries where assault weapons are banned they cost anywhere from 20 - 50x more than they do here?
-0.8591 The government specifically blocks the CDC from researching gun violence, the only type of restriction placed on that organization.
-0.8442 Since then, the rising antifa movement in the US has had some violent incidents, but far fewer than the violence perpetrated by the alt-right.
-0.836 Why should they be able to make horrible statements after a tragedy and we can't?
-0.8271 Look at the laws other countries ) have compared to ours and look at the rates of gun violence, it's a no brainer.
-0.8271 The last time you had real left wing violent terrorism was the Black Panthers in the 1960s, and Ronnie Rayguns took care of them by, oh, passing gun control legislation.
-0.8225 Clearly she was a Bad Guy With A Gun, because only a Good a Guy With A Gun^ can shoot a Bad Guy With A Gun or something.