/u/responsiblegunpwner is kind of a dick.

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0.8745 Buying cigarettes wasn't literally putting cancer cells in peoples bodies but it was directly responsible for getting new smokers addicted which led to many of them getting cancer.
0.8074 That would be a huge improvement over the laws we currently have and a good step toward a sensible gun regulatory scheme like Canada or the UK or Australia.
0.7701 If you have money to open a bank account, you're clearly not a criminal and you're responsible enough to be a Responsible Gun Owner, right?
0.7579 That capitalism works by corporations using their wealth to pay politicians to write laws that favor corporate interests over those of the people who elected them?
0.7351 But good luck getting that mandatory military service instituted here, let me know how that works out for you.
0.7269 "We'll go easy on you if you tell us where you got the gun." So he gives you up, some friend.
0.7269 He's your friend, you've known him for years, he's a good guy.
0.6855 So excuse me if I lump you in with the other belligerent, ignorant guntrolls, but when you approach me like one, well, what can you expect?
0.6808 Can you not do your own research, especially when so much of the information you seem to desire is freely available in the sidebar of this very subreddit?
0.6749 I can go on and get into [hard, peer reviewed science], if you really want, but I hope you're starting to get the point.
0.6705 While your anecdote is amusing, it doesn't do anything to refute or change my position or the facts and science supporting it.

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-0.9644 I know the truth isn't pretty, but it's the truth: you support arming terrorists, racists, domestic abusers, criminals and psychopaths every time you buy a gun or ammo.
-0.9423 Whatever you type is just words, your actions support terrorism, racism, domestic abuse, and criminals.
-0.9423 Your hunting directly affects the arming of criminals, terrorists, racists, domestic abusers, and psychopaths.
-0.9274 Or you could flip the coin and say that all gun owners are terrorists, racists, domestic abusers and psychopaths.
-0.9246 As for your fee fees, well, many gun owners seem to be getting butt hurt at being reminded that their "hobby" supports arming terrorists, racists, domestic abusers, and psychopaths.
-0.9246 We see you for what you are, and what you are is a person who supports arming criminals, racists, terrorists, domestic abusers and psychopaths.
-0.9226 The same people who use that money to keep gun regulations loose so that psychopaths, terrorists, racists and domestic abusers have easy access to firearms.
-0.9217 Every dollar spent on guns, ammo, and accessories is another dollar used to support the arming of terrorists, racists, domestic abusers, criminals and psychopaths.
-0.91 We don't celebrate their deaths, we mourn the death of another human as well as the death of reason and science and logic.
-0.9001 They're winning because they play to people's fears: fear of being attacked, of being defenseless, of "tyrannical government." Reason is not working so it's time to fight fire with fire.
-0.8934 Too bad there's no way to keep kids out of pools. There's been all these hijackings of airplanes, shame we can't do anything to keep people from bringing weapons on board.
-0.8625 That the gun lobby is paying politicians to write toothless gun laws so they can make record profits on the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of Americans every year?