/u/remrafamrak is kind of a dick.

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0.9545 Haha I'm such a geek xD may the Fourth be with you xD xD xD
0.8537 I thought the first one was really enjoyable, i just wish they'd have chosen a better main actor!
0.8506 ah yes, well when I cook something really good I call it foodporn, it's kinda this weird sense of humour I have". "Sorry mate I've really got to get back to work"
0.8355 Not sure where in the world you live but in Britain we have a chocolate bar called a Bounty which is basically this - it's a bit polarising for some reason but I absolutely love it.
0.8225 I can only assume most people in this subreddit who think this way haven't ever been in a healthy relationship because to me, theirs sounds pretty healthy.
0.8074 Fincher is great but I've lost respect for him for clearly taking this money job.
0.7906 So when a superhero movie comes out and it *is* good, and the critic gives it a good review, that means I can trust them.
0.7717 Funny how quickly people can forget something because lol he dressed up as le funny pirate man IRL.
0.7717 I don't understand how people can be reaching that conclusion. Personally, I'm glad Bill is with someone who can give back as good as he does.
0.7717 Games like The Witcher 3 really do handle this kind of thing perfectly in comparison.
0.765 When I see supposedly progressive countries like Germany building new coal power stations it makes me sick - I'd be much happier if they just fracked the shit out of the country.

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-0.9058 Johnny Depp is not a charming fellow, he's an arrogant wife-beating piece of shit who hasn't done a good movie since 2004.
-0.9001 reminds me of Charlize Therons' character in Arrested Development). As for Star Wars, if you really think that's going to change anything then you're hopelessly naive.
-0.8858 It makes me irrationally angry it was so bad.
-0.8588 Fucking hell, does anyone on this subreddit ever watch anything OTHER than shitty superhero movies?
-0.8402 Fuck Reagan, fuck Thatcher and fuck anyone who supports them.
-0.8396 Can't be that great if you're still here filling the comments with this kind of cancer.
-0.8293 It's about the worst thing you can do to the environment and the insulting thing is that it's not even a very efficient way of making energy.
-0.8074 And now they have revolutionised people's lives, whereas guns only continue to kill people in numbers that are, frankly, embarrassing in the developed world.
-0.7906 Some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen is posted on Twitter.
-0.7783 If you're spreading the vitriolic "she's fat and ugly and nobody would ever want to kiss her" narrative, you're as bad as she is.
-0.7506 Transgender people are at a significantly increased risk of being victims of violence throughout their entire life from childhood to adulthood.
-0.7461 Never said you were bub, but that's the sort of shit Americans would say