/u/remrafamrak is kind of a dick.

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0.8658 Hatched 3 eggs which put me at 52 candy, super lucky haha.
0.8537 I thought the first one was really enjoyable, i just wish they'd have chosen a better main actor!
0.8506 ah yes, well when I cook something really good I call it foodporn, it's kinda this weird sense of humour I have". "Sorry mate I've really got to get back to work"
0.7906 So when a superhero movie comes out and it *is* good, and the critic gives it a good review, that means I can trust them.
0.765 When I see supposedly progressive countries like Germany building new coal power stations it makes me sick - I'd be much happier if they just fracked the shit out of the country.
0.7574 Thank you for introducing me to something that a) I didn't know exist and b) looks and sounds absolutely delicious.
0.7506 The entire world is laughing at you, and I don't think enough of you realise that, you Americans don't have a global outlook but take it from me, the entire world IS laughing at you.
0.743 Almost all of the initial userbase has stopped playing and, having spoken to my friend and colleagues, it seems that Gen 2 hasn't exactly rejuvenated much in the way of excitement.
0.7184 I'm glad this gif told me what I should be thinking before I thought it :)
0.7003 Go watch something good, there are hundreds of very good films released every year which barely get noticed, go watch one of them instead.
0.6912 I appreciate the effort and I'm not angry at you for trying - I'm angry at the Reddit community for upvoting what is, unfortunately, this utter turd of a map.

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-0.9001 reminds me of Charlize Therons' character in Arrested Development). As for Star Wars, if you really think that's going to change anything then you're hopelessly naive.
-0.8858 It makes me irrationally angry it was so bad.
-0.8689 If you vote for nasty people then you are either misinformed, or nasty.
-0.8588 Fucking hell, does anyone on this subreddit ever watch anything OTHER than shitty superhero movies?
-0.8442 The Tories are nasty and I could list hundreds of specific reasons why, they're so nasty they're literally nicknamed The Nasty Party.
-0.8402 Fuck Reagan, fuck Thatcher and fuck anyone who supports them.
-0.8396 Can't be that great if you're still here filling the comments with this kind of cancer.
-0.8293 It's about the worst thing you can do to the environment and the insulting thing is that it's not even a very efficient way of making energy.
-0.8074 And now they have revolutionised people's lives, whereas guns only continue to kill people in numbers that are, frankly, embarrassing in the developed world.
-0.7906 Some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen is posted on Twitter.
-0.7783 If you're spreading the vitriolic "she's fat and ugly and nobody would ever want to kiss her" narrative, you're as bad as she is.
-0.7391 I wish it weren't the case but it's true, it happens to all YouTubers. You're a moron and in no more than 6 months you're gonna regret that.