/u/relubbera is kind of a dick.

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0.965 .nah, bbc has issues. They won't lie, but they love selective reporting. Oh cool, just downvote. At least we are united in the love of our new President
0.8689 I feel pretty damn good. The party that favored welfare, mass migration, and bullshit degeneracy is gone Welcome back, conservative values.
0.829 Like single parents not being so good in the long term, and stuff like that. https://www.ncjrs.gov/App/Publications/abstract.aspx?ID=167327
0.7982 And thank god for that, because we finally have a good politician. It seems like people here just don't like the best president?
0.7424 This sub loves to fantasize Sure, the electors will never vote for trump!
0.7264 That's easy, we were actually very good at it up until around the hippy time in the 1960s.
0.7003 Very equal. Voter ID laws are fine and do a great job of preventing illegals voting.
0.7003 And on day one he pulled out of tpp, already making him a better president than Obama. Its all good.
0.6705 What if Obama agreed to allow mass spying. Like he did.
0.6486 You make it sound like the other server didn't have constant queues anyway, lol.
0.6369 What? I love trump.

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-0.9035 And you are a dumb twat. And totally reported for insulting people...
-0.875 They ruined their own lives and have nobody to blame but themselves And they certainly have no right to murder the kid.
-0.8658 Hilary killed people and now trump is your president Thank Jesus that Obama won't be able to go through with his plan to ban all 'fake news'
-0.7845 The lack of terrorism.
-0.7845 Lots of people go years without sex. If the stupid plebs go fuck around and end up single mothers?
-0.7717 Have you seem the state of soft science recently? I already have proof they'll ban fake news.
-0.765 You guys would hate him if he turned out to be Jesus bloody Christ.
-0.7501 So we check them all. Very hated though, they keep committing crime. Sure, downvote.
-0.7306 Desire it, even. Don't forget to thank your killer. I take it back, someone checked it out and this article is outright fake news.
-0.7269 Dude, stop buying into bloody propaganda.
-0.7159 Fucking fascists, ban them all.
-0.7096 Please google it, even though I know most o lf you are being dishonest as fuck and really just trying to slip in a full abortion law