/u/rebeccastilles69 is very positive!

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0.9022 Well happy super belated :p
0.8964 Thank you :D I feel like it in this outfit lol
0.8465 Thank you for saying so love!
0.8415 Haha that's the hope :P
0.8316 Thank you love (;
0.8207 For more of her awesome roleplay content, check Manyvids :] https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/486227/Keri-Berry/
0.8173 Me too haha fucking love the red..
0.8172 Yes sir I did, but body oil works just as well and might smell nice too!
0.8172 Yes please, we can take cold showers together and save tons of water!
0.8122 Thanks love!
0.8074 Yay I hope your weekend is going alright

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-0.5267 [More Panty Pics] OPTION 1 **$35** Worn 2 days Includes 10 custom photos. OPTION 2 **$45** Worn 3 days.
-0.3612 From the morning when I'm wet to lonely late nights.
-0.296 Includes 10 custom photos. OPTION 3 **$60** Worn 3 days.
-0.296 Includes 5 minute custom video. OPTION 4 **$80** Worn 4 days.
-0.2808 It means I'm a Leo I'll be a year older soon :O
-0.25 I was honestly considering putting hilarious subtitles but eh it's too late now :(
-0.2263 That looked like it hurt
0.0 Don't stoop
0.0 Upvoted cause '95!
0.0 -.- 3000 isn't that many!
0.0 [Go here for options] --- **KIK SESSIONS** ---- All kik shows come with unlimited pictures and videos!
0.0 I'll occasionally take pictures of the food I've made or what I'm up to but mostly I'll be sending smut.