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0.9395 Filming is great fun for me, I get a little stoned and get right into character :P You're amazing as always Cici!
0.9383 Thank you sweetness it's so much fun to share :D
0.891 Well happy saturday then :) must be nice is Australia
0.8567 I enjoyed your opinion haha :P
0.8481 Please keep being gorgeous <3
0.8176 Haha that's okay I like the comment just as much (;
0.8126 Mm thank you darling (;
0.7995 I love to meet new people and try new things so I'm already excited!
0.7901 Thank you love!
0.7804 My booty loves you too :P
0.743 Aw that's sweet :3 They usually say Aubrey Plaza -.-

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-0.6956 I noticed it while uploading but fuck it right
-0.6908 You'll have a set amount of time to use the link before I kill it. -------- Bitcoin, Circle, Google Wallet, Giftrocket.
-0.5423 Partners in crime?
-0.4404 I did :( I need to work on my technique.
-0.3774 probably not :P
-0.3612 he was fighting it.
-0.3612 And it doesn't have to be for later, if you're horny, lonely or both let's do a live kik show instead #**Kik for Later**# Starts at $30 for around 30-40 pictures and videos.
-0.25 I call mine Grimace
-0.2481 I'll keep shaking it!
-0.1779 Weird they're in working order for me
-0.1531 No problem :3
0.0 Check out my sidebar for more videos!