/u/rebeccastilles69 is very positive!

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0.9624 Your feet are super sexy! Maybe post in r/feet or r/buttsandbarefeet! They'd be lucky to have you gorgeous :D
0.9487 That's true lol and hey that's me! Thank you love :D
0.9168 Thank you :D It felt very nice too haha
0.875 Thank you love :3
0.8748 Haha thank you love!
0.8687 Aw (: thank you lovely!
0.8442 Thank you love you too :p
0.8273 Aw haha you just made my night a little better thank you!!!
0.8271 Mm I'm flattered as a girl often envious of big beautiful boobies :3
0.8271 Thank you sweetness :)
0.8271 Thank you that's sweet (:

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-0.4019 I instantly got in trouble for making the group picture my boobs [The ban] [The boobs]
-0.296 I only have the one pair, no one will notice right?
-0.2023 Hypnotoad o.O
-0.0601 I think you'd go straight for that booty :O
0.0 Info in [my ad]
0.0 **Kik Sessions** **^When ^you ^add ^me ^on ^KIK ^to ^get ^started ['pantytease' link to kik]** **Send me a message detailing--
0.0 "Have you heard my voice yet?
0.0 Tell me more.
0.0 Hey can do!
0.0 I'll have to look that up!
0.0 Are you saying you're 69?
0.0 Snapchat is rebeccastilles