/u/rebeccastilles69 is very positive!

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0.9691 I love showing off and I really love getting you guys super hard :P So thanks for holding up your end too haha
0.9182 That's super sweet, I love to cuddle!!!
0.9157 Thank you :D being out of it is definitely more fun and functional
0.9006 Thank you :D I love the lighting here!
0.8751 Thank you :D You're so fucking good to me
0.8689 Mm glad you like it sweetness (;
0.8655 Haha aw that's a cute mental image! I would allow it if you promised not to bite anything
0.8628 Good luck lady :D Edit: did not know this but as u/fulloffantasies said it's fine in certain places with the right permit/packaging!
0.8459 I have a lot but I'd say like half of those are sexy outfits or lingerie I wouldn't wear out!
0.8403 Now get out there and explore because feet are fucking sexy :D
0.8331 You're amazing :D

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-0.7096 One look at his post history says he's trolling and spends all day on subs trying desperately to insult Asian girls and in some form mention dad's.
-0.6908 You'll have a set amount of time to use the link before I kill it. -------- Bitcoin, Circle, Google Wallet, Giftrocket.
-0.6728 I didn't want to be an infamous boner killer around here or anything.
-0.6239 This is it baby, a series of unwelcome compromises and as much sex as we can guilt out of eachother!
-0.4877 Especially if it's a dirty one.
-0.3595 Aw no it's not!
-0.3164 I'd be offended if you didn't!
-0.2144 Ha sorry to ruin your fantasy but my third nipple is a thumb
-0.2003 It's scat and it's not cheap! He will probably try and say 'other girls do it for xyz' fuck him Haha
-0.126 But they are gifs, if they aren't playing for you it might be a problem with mobile lol
-0.1027 Should I be doing one with my funky purple and orange toe nails?
0.0 I can't wait to spend some time with you!