/u/rcoacci is kind of a dick.

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0.7845 In my understanding, realloc is useful only if you need to keep the data and *makes a bet* that there will be the necessary free space to simply extend the current allocation.
0.7717 I know it's hard to get a good laptop for a fair price down here, but you'll save a lot of headaches.
0.7261 Sure but note that the C++ version is even more optimized because the compiler understands what you're doing and is able to realize it does nothing.
0.5848 Finalmente vo parar de tratar gente com nvel superior e alto salrio como hipossuficiente!
0.5719 Edit: since you are using the wonderful godbolt site, make a proper C++ implementation of your code and compare the generated assembly with your C version.
0.5417 If you care so much about that syntax, and are not constrained to C by company/teacher/whatever, just use C++.
0.5267 If you don't need the data what is the gain of using realloc?
0.5023 Most Ubuntu brand recognition isn't from Unity but from the GTK theme, fonts, colors and stuff like that.
0.4939 I'm sure you will be surprised.
0.4939 That said, your approach is fine, the only issues I see are your use of static global variables and returning the struct by value in one of the functions.
0.4767 Well the scriptable IDE by excellence is emacs, but coming from Visual Basic I doubt you'll like it....

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-0.6908 E ao contrrio do Windows, no precisa de anti vrus, as atualizaes no te obrigam a reiniciar o computador.
-0.6808 Isso no significa que isso no possa ser revisto, mas no d pra discutir o assunto nesse vis to distorcido que voc coloca. Proteo demais ao trabalhador se traduz em encargos na conta acima.
-0.6808 Agora no sei do que esto reclamando, eu no vi absolutamente nada de errado, ou vo dizer agora que os sindicatos so hipossuficientes tambm e no tem condies de negociar com o patro?
-0.6808 Com Cunha preso, Cabral preso, e denuncias e mais denncias surgindo eu no diria que est tudo certo no plano deles no.
-0.6259 I only see downsides, if not performance wise, maintainability wise.
-0.6187 You certainly can use imperative style in Racket, but most of the time you'll end up with poor performance and hard to understand code.
-0.6124 That said, you can always reduce difficulty for this battle.
-0.5994 Se o valor agregado inferior ao salrio+encargos *a conta simplesmente no fecha*.
-0.5777 As propostas dos governo so ruins, mas a proposta da oposio negar que os problemas existem.
-0.5423 I suffer that every single day.
-0.5423 Basically if an enemy show a skull in it's health bar, just run as fast as you can to the opposite direction.
-0.5267 Voc olha sem enxergar. No, o meu ponto o contrrio, o *empregador tambm no tem esse poder todo*.