/u/rcoacci is kind of a dick.

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0.9168 Anyway I'm glad it ended well, hope you have enjoyed your adventure!
0.6908 On the other hand I don't think the lodge would try to really force Ciri, and even if they tried I think Ciri would just flee to other worlds just like she ended up doing.
0.5719 If the chosen container class implements the interface that the stack uses, the compiler will be happy and all will work.
0.5267 He is far from a visionary.
0.5267 Considering VS project is also the most used too, how is gcc winning?
0.5106 I really don't think it would be wise to try to face the lodge in battle, see what a single powerful mage did to them, even Yen wasn't able to beat Vilgefortz.
0.4404 What *he is* though is a *real good politician*, he managed to overcome a lot of our politics , and had a lot of political power.
0.4404 Isn't that because of famous better faces mod ?
0.4215 Some just make it easier than others.
0.3818 Again the unprecedented economic growth is mostly *inspite* of him, not *because* of him.
0.3818 Firefox com UBlock resolve.

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-0.6808 No estou dizendo que certo ou errado, se o cara no acredita que a hstia no vai causar mal nenhum a ele, o que ele t fazendo ali?
-0.631 It's not particularly unsafe there but it's near some dangerous places.
-0.6249 That, coupled with the ending of the commodities boom, oil crisis, etc, put us in the current economic situation.
-0.5994 Trying to face 2 or 3 mages at the same time would mean death to them all.
-0.5859 O que posso fazer dar dislike na notcia mas isso no filtra as notcias do brasil247
-0.5423 Quando voc tem uma indstria de litgios trabalhistas como a nossa, onde a acusao do trabalhador suficiente como prova irrefutvel de crime, esse o resultado. Edit - Olha esse trecho:
-0.5267 Se no tem, na maioria dos casos no vale a pena comprar TV 4K.
-0.5267 O problema saber quem bandido e quem no , principalmente quando se pensa no Legislativo.
-0.5267 No tem muito o que contar, um dia ele queria usar o notebook urgentemente para o trabalho dele, e o Windows resolveu atualizar no boot.
-0.5267 Sim, pois mas de qualquer jeito no consigo, j tentei no PC.
-0.5267 O pior que no so s os extremistas religiosos tradicionais no.
-0.5267 Que diga-se de passagem no foi muito melhor no.