/u/ramblinrambo3 is kind of a dick.

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0.6705 Well good thing it's Hitler's Birthday so Golden Dawn can take care of some problems.
0.6673 We all know why, so stop pretending you appreciate us when you clearly don't give a damn.
0.6486 How about allow us mods to make our modlogs public instead of having to use third party solutions.
0.629 People like you aren't worth debating as it would give you the impression that what you have to say somehow is of any value, it isn't'.
0.6124 They have one job and that is to find the shit you're looking for.
0.5859 I'm sure white privilege made him do it.
0.5719 The best part is that these leftards are so used to seeing all kinds of degenerates and weird fucks around them that they don't even realise that he's making fun of them.
0.5719 Of course their mods removed it, but here it is still saved: https://www.ceddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66jdai/4chan_is_doxxing_the_antifa_at_berkeley/dgjjkoe/
0.5106 free speech
0.4404 We better all repent now.
0.4404 Going to be a good day.

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-0.8834 This whole "fake news" bullshit started this election and no one was worried about it before.
-0.8319 Your family were cucks for not joining the good fight, rather cucked down to communist bullshit.
-0.7906 From: Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Volume 29, Article 8, Issue 5 January-February, Winter 1939 Behavior of Bullets Fired rough Glass, William W.
-0.7832 Cry me a river you fucking moderate wanker.
-0.765 No one can see your edit faggot.
-0.7506 But oh boy now when the left got hurt in the elections everyone is scrambling to censor.
-0.7497 How fucking hard is it to understand that people voted for you because they don't want this shit integrated they want them out of the country.
-0.7269 They get hounded for killing someone who's armed, imagine if an innocent bystander gets hit because of some rare accident.
-0.7096 Who gives a shit, they're also degenerates and should be ignored.
-0.6779 Utterly brainwashed naive people like you are fucking cancer.
-0.6597 Be silent faggot.
-0.6486 My question is what they'd done if she simply said, he's dead.