/u/ramblinrambo3 is kind of a dick.

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0.6705 :) Muslims take issue with the jew for the same reason as people like me do.
0.6697 But unlike back in the day these people who are the most effective tool for the creation of new members of the far-right.
0.6249 The great majority of far-right and right wing people are pro-vaccine.
0.6124 Feel free to pop us a modmail as well so we can notice and warn earlier and not a day later.
0.6124 Hope he sees this ping and comes and joins us in this sub as well.
0.5994 I hope you can understand our break from our standard operation procedure for this important message.
0.5859 Well if it helps your brain to simplify it like that then sure, I hate you.
0.5267 Implying I want jew or jew apologists as friends.
0.4939 The peaceful left: http://imgur.com/ciZwqQ0
0.4215 That is true.
0.4201 Fucking comedy really.

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-0.8936 Even a thick accent kike or nigger can type and not sound like a nigger or kike.
-0.8689 is another cry desperate cry from the ones who lost.
-0.8658 The faggot gets triggered by "sand nigger" and thinks he's far-right.
-0.7684 Not white, not anything but a genetic disaster.
-0.7269 Now they just let him do his thing and if worse comes to worse they'll just brand him a silly old man.
-0.6597 Jews are cancer.
-0.6369 It's for lolbertarian faggots.
-0.6249 You take every non white and ship them the fuck out of our lands and problem solved.
-0.6124 You can call me racist all day, every day.
-0.6124 Each time they call someone a nazi, racist, bigot etc.
-0.5709 You know, unless you're fucking stupid, that it's not a catch all statement.
-0.5574 Same middle eastern shit all of you.