/u/ramblinrambo3 is kind of a dick.

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0.9378 Just like the best education system in the world, here in Finland. The state supports the higher education of our brightest while not funding nonsense "sciences" such as gender studies etc.
0.9169 Those funds are better spent on someone who want help, needs help, and is willing to accept the help.
0.9022 Which is why we who live in actually free countries laugh every time we hear the muh freedom parrots.
0.8625 Entrepreneurialism is encourage, and wealth generated through skill is respected.
0.8381 Fuck Allah, but yes a world where jews are contained on an island would be great.
0.7964 The state, supports the education of all children and ensures that they during their time in school eat healthy, exercise and get a good foundation for future academic pursuits.
0.7876 Not survival, but his commentary and him just enjoying his time out there is worth a watch.
0.765 Like the great man said himself:
0.7506 The less academically adept are encourage to reach their highest potential in the areas they excel in.
0.7003 **Common Decency:** Each member of the nation is awarded the same respect.
0.6808 True multiculturalism is allowing each culture and people to prosper on their own merit in their own lands.

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-0.9442 During white rule rape, murder, crime in general was lower than it's ever been since niggers were allowed to run the place.
-0.8481 Oh and he was banned for crying fake news.
-0.7783 Go study the matter some more before voicing your stupid ass opinions and speculations.
-0.7783 Ban evasion - Site wide rule violation
-0.7564 It really is, sadly too few understand the danger these people are facing and that we might face in the future.
-0.7506 Anti white racism right there boys.
-0.7506 I'd refuse to serve niggers, faggots and other filth.
-0.7506 There's a ton of ways to make their life a bitch trying to do that or by blocking them from doing so.
-0.7351 However corporations and business practices that damage the health of the people, nature/environment or that are purely based on speculation are banned.
-0.7351 And now he's banned, again, for self admitted ban evasion.
-0.7269 Trump is highlighting a problem most people, especially on the left are too stupid to understand.
-0.7096 There is no gore porn studios or other degenerate businesses making money out of the humiliation of our people.