/u/ramblinrambo3 is kind of a dick.

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0.9591 Business is free and you are free to be successful and even rich as long as you become wealthy and do business in a way that does not damage the nation.
0.9118 The elderly are treated with respect and made sure they have a decent respectable life and do not need to beg or be on the mercy of charity.
0.9067 In a NS state the state does not ban what is fun, instead it encourages people to enjoy their life.
0.8253 You can't go to a PRIDE parade or a gay bar in an NS state, but you can go and have beers with friends and enjoy life.
0.8043 That fucking kike lover better stay out of Europe.
0.7964 Yes I'm perfectly fine with calling out race traitors like Enoch, faggots like Millennial Woes and Milo and jew/homo apologists like Spencer.
0.7783 You're encouraged to succeed and do well for yourself.
0.7351 As long as you produce something that is beneficial to the nation, to the people and their future you're free to do so.
0.7227 No cops but security yes.
0.6908 Unlike the modern welfare state where people are rewarded for sitting on their asses the NS state supports the ones in need only as far as they're willing to do their upmost to move forward in life.
0.6908 People like Soros made their wealth on speculation.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.836 Fuck off faggot.
-0.8316 If you start to act like a hostile and start to drop prices by killing off small businesses then your'e acting against the people hence it will be put a stop to.
-0.8316 Microwave an animal to death get microwaved to death.
-0.8126 Right now it violates site wide rules of inciting violence.
-0.802 You've been brainwashed since a kid to think any negative opinions on the jew is bad.
-0.7783 Then again since their anti white stand I've stopped paying for that shit.
-0.765 He's banned and his shit submission is noq removed.
-0.7184 Damn she's ugly.
-0.6597 You could have read first faggot.
-0.6597 He's not married to one or has never been pro negro, jew, faggot etc.
-0.6369 Without it we're doomed.
-0.6369 Doesn't run around with faggots and jews, doesn't spend his days defending the cucks in the name of branding.