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0.8402 They weren't permitted further annexations per the wartime agreements with the United States and Great Britain, so the faade of independence was maintained until it became a reality again.
0.8316 Even with free land and free passage on the ships, and a shortage of food at home, the Irish wouldn't go until the charities started paying them to make the trip.
0.8294 We also live in a culture that believes that change is usually good, but accepts that it is not always good.
0.8176 I laughed at this because it is absurd, and funnier for being true.
0.8074 The Spartans existed into Roman times, and maintained their culture with the encouragement of the Romans, who treated the Spartans like a tourist attraction.
0.7351 The founder of a successful has the flexibility to adapt and make the company thrive.
0.7148 I think it's more of a 'look, I'm so clever I found the important part that everyone else missed!' thing.
0.685 What Zinn has done is to drop that entirely and cite anecdotes not based on historical relevancy but on how strongly it supports his "America is BAD!" worldview.
0.6369 Generally, the host country gets to do a lot of the rules enforcement, and because the athletes don't have to travel far, it's one of the few times that their best are actually all competing.
0.6249 Somalia is a great example of this.
0.6249 The lopsided nature of the victories gave the French peasantry the impression that the English were invincible so smaller communities would quickly acquiesce to English forces.

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-0.9169 Cotton as a southern industry did NOT collapse with the close of the Civil War and the end of southern slavery as you keep asserting.
-0.9081 The operation was a dismal failure in practice, killing a number of the pilots (including Lt.
-0.9001 The supernatural myth was pushed by the Turks to prevent retaliation for the killing of prisoners, and by the British to hide the inability of other units to keep up.
-0.8658 Watch one from Britain and the horror is a distraction because the real danger is always the real person next to you behaving in an uncivilized manner.
-0.8658 The only rights in question during the Civil War pertained to slavery.
-0.8583 They surrendered, and then the Turks shot most of the prisoners, but were stopped by German advisors who told them to send the prisoners to the rear for interrogation.
-0.8555 They had a plan prior to the war of fighting and annexing everything westwards to Portugal, but they were in no shape to invade anything supported by another major power when the war ended.
-0.8442 The French moved into the battle piecemeal again, their armored units being beaten up and knocked over, left to drown in the mud, their lighter units being shot up by archers on the ridge.
-0.8126 Watch an horror movie from Japan or Korea and you get a movie where the horror comes from the absolute realities of the physical universe turning out to be not so absolute.
-0.8074 When the fog lifted enough for the French to see what was going on, they realized how heavy their losses were, panicked, and fled. The second battle was near Potiers.
-0.7964 Which is why it's called the Civil War by people who believe in the Union side, and the "War of Northern Aggression" by supporters of the old south.
-0.7845 This keeps up the level of hostility and defensiveness of both sides to the point where unification would only be possible by the complete and utter defeat of one side.