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0.8402 They weren't permitted further annexations per the wartime agreements with the United States and Great Britain, so the faade of independence was maintained until it became a reality again.
0.8316 Even with free land and free passage on the ships, and a shortage of food at home, the Irish wouldn't go until the charities started paying them to make the trip.
0.8176 I laughed at this because it is absurd, and funnier for being true.
0.8074 The Spartans existed into Roman times, and maintained their culture with the encouragement of the Romans, who treated the Spartans like a tourist attraction.
0.7148 I think it's more of a 'look, I'm so clever I found the important part that everyone else missed!' thing.
0.7096 This would mean accepting ones own views as wrong, and accepting as correct the views of whomever is successful at advocating their views as the consensus.
0.6597 Norton I was definitely interesting.
0.6573 There wasn't as much of a pre-war industrial base to rebuild, so they played to their economic strengths, tourism, agriculture, etc.
0.6369 Generally, the host country gets to do a lot of the rules enforcement, and because the athletes don't have to travel far, it's one of the few times that their best are actually all competing.
0.6249 The domestic dog, cat, chicken, and cow are all great examples, and all from the old world.
0.6124 In those wars, the British took as their reward for winning/helping the winner overseas colonies that were both expensive to sustain and difficult to protect.

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-0.9081 The operation was a dismal failure in practice, killing a number of the pilots (including Lt.
-0.8555 They had a plan prior to the war of fighting and annexing everything westwards to Portugal, but they were in no shape to invade anything supported by another major power when the war ended.
-0.7506 We destroyed the Japanese navy, we destroyed most of the Japanese army, we burned most of their cities to the ground, and then we nuked them...
-0.7503 Hitler would not tolerate the internationalism of the Soviets, so war was inevitable for him, but Stalin had plans to conquer the world and was more pragmatic in picking his battles.
-0.7269 The Soviet plan involved letting everyone else fight each other and destroy themselves, so the Soviets could march in with little resistance and take over.
-0.7036 We had agreed prior to the war to commit to fighting/winning the war in Europe first, because most of our allies were more committed to stopping German expansionism than to stopping the Japanese.
-0.7003 Slavery would have been ended by economics eventually.
-0.6885 The definition being applied by /u/Snapshot52 is so loose and vague that almost any conflict can be defined as genocide.
-0.6705 The article makes it out to have been a suicide mission when it was not.
-0.6243 Britain, likewise, had plans for invading the USSR, but lacked the energy to do so when the war finally ended.
-0.5994 Since the Confederacy shot first, the rest of the war would have been the lawful suppression of an armed insurrection.
-0.5994 They kind of did, the relationship between Normandy and the French and English kings was one of the major sticking points that led to the Hundred Years War.