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0.9286 Good luck with your ending, I would love to hear about it after the last session! What an epic ending, have you enjoyed home brew campaigns over produced/printed ones?
0.9141 Hey thanks man. Yeah this pic is DEFINITELY me ;) Feel free to check out the rest of my history for similar pics
0.8671 It's not really a *pizza place* place but I think they have one of the best pizzas up north as well!
0.8622 You have a great one too would love to see more if it!
0.8277 Thematically, i think Mysterious Stranger works best for the character, but I am particularly sold on thematic flavoring so thanks for tapping into my mindset.
0.8122 Love the enthusiasm buddy!
0.8051 Really glad people like it and wanna share it.
0.7579 You might want to consider waiting for Starfinder if you're open to Paizo's Pathfinder system. Apparently they're streamlining the rules like 5E has since they're apparently having success with it.
0.7574 Thanks buddy feel free to check out my others posts (as I did yours!
0.7506 The Supreme Court is the highest deciding court of the United States and is made up of 9 people.
0.75 thanks buddy also, amazing cock yourself!

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-0.8876 I just rewatched the scene and saw him mutter something but didn't catch it. If so - holy shit that is so sad and makes this scene even more emotional.
-0.7184 In my bitterness and denial of the failed kickstarter for unsung someone suggested to take a look at this.
-0.5859 Please pardon my criticism but this is such poor management of this story on reddits part.
-0.5707 A robot master?* **Get out and do it, you stupid bastard!**
-0.4939 Any Damage Resistance?
-0.4767 was disappointed when I didn't see someone else point out the whiskey drinkin'.
-0.4574 Damn me too!
-0.4404 I think being a "Gamer" really is a minority group, because a lot of us had a lot of grief in our past for being introverted, antisocial, nerds, or geeks etc growing up.
-0.4389 Holy crap, I know who Billy Darr is!
-0.34 It was from the lakeside/eastward so I'm going to blame Michigan or Indiana on that.
-0.34 I don't even set an alarm I just wake up around 4:30 every morning.
-0.34 I'm guessing a fire?