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0.9349 Well *technically* I'm a Californian transplant but I'm pushing almost 5 years here now so I'm comfortable claiming to be a Chi guy now so hopefully you'll forgive me.
0.9286 Good luck with your ending, I would love to hear about it after the last session! What an epic ending, have you enjoyed home brew campaigns over produced/printed ones?
0.9141 Hey thanks man. Yeah this pic is DEFINITELY me ;) Feel free to check out the rest of my history for similar pics
0.875 Haha don't wanna give away the neighborhood, It can be a small-big city at times ;) And I like a lot different guys, appreciative of a lot of different ages, races, body types etc.
0.8689 Love a good party
0.8658 Awesome man gave me a good chuckle.
0.8622 You have a great one too would love to see more if it!
0.8277 Thematically, i think Mysterious Stranger works best for the character, but I am particularly sold on thematic flavoring so thanks for tapping into my mindset.
0.8271 Thanks for greetings :)
0.8176 Glad you like bud :)
0.8122 Love the enthusiasm buddy!

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-0.5859 Please pardon my criticism but this is such poor management of this story on reddits part.
-0.5707 A robot master?* **Get out and do it, you stupid bastard!**
-0.5106 sick reference bro.
-0.4939 Any Damage Resistance?
-0.4767 was disappointed when I didn't see someone else point out the whiskey drinkin'.
-0.4574 Damn me too!
-0.4562 Very Close ;) "War Cleric/Fighter"
-0.4404 I think being a "Gamer" really is a minority group, because a lot of us had a lot of grief in our past for being introverted, antisocial, nerds, or geeks etc growing up.
-0.34 I'm guessing a fire?
-0.34 If I end up multiclassing this makes sense as a more viable character as far combat goes.
-0.3384 I mostly agree with you, especially about the part of extremely annoying and juvenile threats/requests I read on their Kickstarter Page from people demanding refunds.
-0.296 Makes me think of the Starbomb Song [God of No More] in regards to Kratos and his quest.