/u/qytrew is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 It's important not to assume that our transcendental freedom extends to perfect control of our farts.
0.7351 And a statement like "Gore could have won in 2000" seems far more plausible than any version of PSR.
0.7096 Good luck finding a workable political system that doesn't involve pointing guns at everyone to fund the operations of government.
0.7096 Can you point to official LAPD doctrine stating it's okay to beat the shit out of black people?
0.7003 Feel free to send along the article that justifies a claim like that.
0.6908 The closest I can think of off the top of my head is Descartes's doctrine of the creation of the eternal truths.
0.6249 They exist and in great numbers.
0.5574 That doesn't do anything to put the belief in a positive light.
0.5574 Again, that doesn't put the belief in a positive light.
0.5267 Such wisdom.
0.5267 Even if everyone thinks something is true, that has no tendency to render it actually true.

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-0.9657 The principle is that those who kill an *innocent* person should be killed, not that those who kill *any* person should be killed.
-0.872 You seem to be under the misapprehension that all disagreement stems from furious anger.
-0.8689 In general, whether it's *actually* evil to own a dog has little or nothing to do with whether people *think* it's evil to own a dog .
-0.8558 That's bad history. That's neither good nor bad history, it's not history at all.
-0.8271 Even if everyone in the world considered it morally acceptable to torture kittens, that worldwide consensus would have no effect on the actual moral status of kitten torture.
-0.7783 Not to mention untold agonizing animal suffering.
-0.765 Hell, suppose I gave someone a trial, found them innocent, and then hurt them anyway.
-0.7622 Believing in Bigfoot or water goblins or the Mortal Kombat character Goro? Are you so "open-minded" that you're unwilling to criticize any belief, no matter how ridiculous or deranged?
-0.7601 Isn't it overwhelmingly more plausible to say it's *sometimes* a problem with the argument, and *sometimes* a problem with the audience?
-0.7408 I certainly wouldn't adopt any extreme position that *always* blames one or the other without some very convincing arguments.
-0.7351 No doubt people do, but only because they're foolishly convinced that they're guilty.
-0.7351 I suspect that Kadyrov is behind many of the murders, as a tribute to his lord.