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0.7992 On the one hand, we couldn't possibly destroy God's creation and in any case he wouldn't let us.
0.7783 If I say "Scientists have concluded that *p*" or "Scientists are convinced that *p*", dissenters can just easily say they've concluded the opposite or are convinced otherwise.
0.7783 Plenty of pro-choicers are willing to accept that magical glorious human life begins at fertilization.
0.6908 If I agree to donate my kidney to save your life, and then I change my mind, the government can't force me to undergo surgery against my will.
0.6886 Because the evidence supporting it is so strong, scientists no longer question whether biological evolution has occurred and is continuing to occur.
0.6597 As I've pointed out, an anencephalic newborn is clearly human lifefar more developed than a zygotebut it clearly doesn't have a right to life.
0.6486 Well, at least you're laughing aloud.
0.6486 There's no rule that says populism always wins the popular vote.
0.6369 I wonder if this is simply the best guess out there.
0.6246 Sure looks like it's because they think women who want sex without pregnancy are sluts who should be punished.
0.6192 The point is that there's nothing wrong with using the word "belief" and its cognates to ask questions like "Do you believe in global warming?"

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-0.935 I guess I'll go kill that other person because I made a mistake," is now commonly accepted is abhorrent. Pro-choicers don't agree with you that abortion is the unjustified killing of a person.
-0.8442 You know going in its risky and you might hurt yourself or even die.
-0.8158 "So I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nasty-ass pussy."
-0.8126 Furthermore, the fetus isn't merely occupying my body, but putting it through hell.
-0.7906 Alan Dershowitz, the well-known disgusting pile of shit?
-0.7845 It by no means follows that abortion is LITERALLY murder.
-0.7783 I'm under no obligation to put my body through hell so that someone else can use me as a human life-support system.
-0.743 The world was filled with horrible animal suffering long before humans with free will ever came to exist, so free will doesn't do much of anything to solve the problem of evil.
-0.743 Being on the left somehow keeps your superstitious stupidity from being stupid?
-0.7269 Should we censor ourselves from saying anything that might rub someone the wrong way?
-0.7184 Both views involve making up magical and mysterious acts of consent no neurologist could ever locate inside the woman's brain. I mean, it's one thing to say abortion is murder.
-0.7003 No shit. The question is whether they *condemned* the Old Law .