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0.9604 So at first I might desire truth merely in order to get pleasure, but after so much experience getting pleasure from truth I start to desire truth for its own sake.
0.8924 But it's pretty easy to understand the strong reasons against fucking children on the off-chance that they won't get traumatized after all.
0.8381 What if you take pride in your superior qualities not because they tend to benefit you, but because they tend to benefit others?
0.8271 Sure, Mill thinks all desire originates in pleasure, and is modified via association.
0.8126 Those, who delight in the discovery and contemplation of *final causes*, have here ample subject to employ their wonder and admiration.
0.7615 Sure, but there are all sorts of morally justified things we do to and with children, despite their incapacity for informed consent.
0.7184 Hume's happy to have lots of propositions' truth be demonstrated a priori.
0.6597 The standard case of association is where at first I desire X only for the sake of Y, but after a while sheer repetition leads me to desire X for its own sake.
0.6232 Luckily, however, our concept of moral responsibility turns out upon examination to be less demanding, and compatibilist accounts of it fare quite well.
0.6042 /u/lookslikewhom didn't mention anything about children being *persons*, so that's certainly not a problem with the counterexample.
0.5859 Even if there were a successful non-theistic scientific explanation of the cosmological argument's "problem", that wouldn't be an "scientific argumen[t] against God".

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-0.8555 Hell, it happens all the time: people deny climate change, people deny the Holocaust, there are even flat-earthers.
-0.8553 It's totally bizarre to take this all-or-nothing approach to childrearing, where if I'm allowed to force them to take a bath, therefore I'm allowed to rape them or cut off parts of their body.
-0.8519 There are plenty of people arguing that it's underrated and Plantinga's criticism overrated, and that it still poses a threat to theism.
-0.8176 Hell, he puts the criticism in the mouth of a theistic character.
-0.8176 If Hume thinks he's flat-out *proven* the failure of the cosmological argument , that doesn't lead him into any problem at all.
-0.8009 But from the supposition that I don't desire truth at all, it doesn't follow that truth won't bring me pleasure.
-0.7906 Even if we accept that disputed premise for the sake of argument, it doesn't follow that abortion is murder as opposed to justifiable exercise of bodily autonomy.
-0.7862 Even if we add in the supposition that very young children are persons, the fact that they can't give meaningful consent to sex has no tendency to show that it's wrong to have sex with them.
-0.7622 Because viewing Hume's criticism as a proof/disproof leads to an irrationality. You haven't identified any contradiction or irrationality.
-0.7579 If bad luck strikes, and the kid needs my kidney, my role in causing this unfortunate condition doesn't give the government any right to to force me to donate against my will.
-0.7579 We know that when an adult abuses a child it damages them for life.
-0.7579 There's more to understand. What disqualifies them from having sex is the fact that it tends to badly traumatize them.