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0.8647 It is her duty to show LOYALTY and RESPECT to the USA if she wishes to become a citizen.
0.8555 What a great point I overlooked, thank you good sir.
0.8553 I thought so, thanks for the great pics, well done sir.
0.8442 Thank you OP, I feel like its the great fappeling all over again.
0.8313 Congrats on a great first date !
0.7983 a good source for "news" ROFLMAO
0.7964 These were clearly news worthy photos, of NEVER BEFORE SEEN shots of the interior, like the door panels photo...
0.7506 You care, we all know you care.
0.7506 Lol, I would be willing to wait an extra month of two, for the "maintenance" if it meant an extra 50,000 customers could take advantage of the credit.
0.7496 The mainstream media is burying itself over Trump, and it very funny to watch, almost as funny as the libtards that still believe them.
0.7003 Easy to explain, "victimhood" is a powerful brainwashing tool used by socialist educators to promote this exact type of behavor.

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-0.8658 This evil bitch needs to be in prison, and the little girl immediately taken into protective custody for her own safety.
-0.836 I hate this scumbag.
-0.8176 Those break lights suck ass any way you cut it.
-0.8143 No of her political stature has gone to prison in the history of the USA NO ONE.
-0.8126 Shame on you for hiding these photos from the international automobile press, shame on you.
-0.802 No surprise, leftest and democrats have always been racist fucks, that judge people by the color of their skin , and not the content of their character. Whats new?
-0.7783 They are suffering a horrible mental illness don't feed it by capitulating and promoting it.
-0.765 "UK have been fucked by brexit" You have no idea what you are talking about.
-0.7317 Socialist regulate things to death, they just can't help themselves.
-0.6908 We kill them to eat them, and we use the rest of the cow for all sorts of things, including leather seats and shoes.
-0.6597 You are one evil fuckwit, you know that?
-0.6249 This is publicly funded institutional racism, flat out.