/u/putittogethernow is a total dick!

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0.9096 But we can help the rest of the victims of whiteness by giving them more money, free housing, and better health care.
0.8424 And it is the first generation of the roof, it just seems a bit optimistic to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept.
0.8332 If he had, his company would have most certainly attracted more investors and talent.
0.7368 PS: I don't speak political correctness, so I hope I don't get banned.
0.6808 Not to mention the recycling cost of a Tesla is very high, compared to an ICE. Telsa's are a superior energy delivery system for transportation.
0.6714 Just one of the candidates in 2018 I WILL BE SUPPORTING!!!
0.6705 Truly sad, I wish you luck in life, you really are going to need it.
0.6633 It's a receipt for a sure fire WIN.
0.6408 Nothing. ROFLMAO, only a cultist could come to that conclusion, when raw data is on the front [age of the site.
0.6369 Sums up Wikipedia perfectly.
0.596 Sad but of so true.

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-0.9313 Commies and SJW murdered and starved to death over 100 millions humans just in the 20th century alone.
-0.9217 I insulted a religion and the scumbag, war mongering pedophile prophet of Islam.
-0.8885 This poor man whom attacked those evil white males, probably had mental health issues.
-0.886 Kill them before they kill you and your children.
-0.8797 Some people are just pure EVIL and ROTTEN to the core.
-0.8658 Shows black people using violence and attacking white people, that they disagree with...
-0.8588 So sad that France has fallen to the fascist, once again.
-0.8481 Obama and John McCain funded these evil assholes in Syria, so they could get their oil pipeline, and the end result was they pushed into Iraq, and did this.
-0.8316 Your cult is fucked by science, you are just too stupid to read it.
-0.8304 Leave it to the retards at 538 to print the most retard shit of the week.
-0.8225 I am saying equating your child's life to that of your dog's is heartless, evil, and sadistic.
-0.7964 McCain and Obama should tried for crimes against humanity and when found guilty, hanged by the neck until dead.