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0.9096 But we can help the rest of the victims of whiteness by giving them more money, free housing, and better health care.
0.872 Norway uses those monies to help pay for their incredible inefficient system of health care and "free education" as well as other public services.
0.8658 In twenty years Global Warming Cult will be laughed at much like we laugh at $cietology today.
0.8625 Born compassionate freedom loving worriers.
0.8526 The UK needs to accept more Muslims and show the world that they are not racist and that Islam is the religion of peace.
0.85 The people are very nice and welcoming , in all a very trusting and homogeneous society.
0.8424 And it is the first generation of the roof, it just seems a bit optimistic to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept.
0.8176 Lol, PM me and I will send a gift card number for a national chain like Pizza Hut or Domino's.
0.7906 Lol :) Ok, what was it then?
0.7845 Everybody wins and we save a tone of money.
0.7845 and virtue signal to the world how great you are.

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-0.9463 Sickening that the People of Sweden allowed that little girl to die such a horrific death.
-0.9326 This will not bring back the little dead girl, that you DEMANDED must be killed, so no one would call you a "racist".
-0.8885 This poor man whom attacked those evil white males, probably had mental health issues.
-0.8625 He is that evil man at Walmart, that makes prices for goods affordable to the poor and low income.
-0.7783 Sad, but this company will fail.
-0.7717 Coming from Sweden, the rape capital of the western world, as well as the highest percent of No-Go zones per capital, and you still think the USA is worse.
-0.7717 I think the poor man died.
-0.7661 Dam we are so fucked.
-0.765 Ugly, just plain ugly.
-0.7579 He is a racist bigot that supports Black Lives Matter a terrorists org.
-0.7511 You can't find a better link than the racist bigoted commie scumbags over at the Daily Kos.
-0.743 SA is a shit hole today, I will not go back until after the complete crash and burn , and only if they have massive reforms.