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0.8647 It is her duty to show LOYALTY and RESPECT to the USA if she wishes to become a citizen.
0.8553 I thought so, thanks for the great pics, well done sir.
0.8526 The UK needs to accept more Muslims and show the world that they are not racist and that Islam is the religion of peace.
0.8519 75 because I take a lot of road trips and I am praying the new 2170 has a better rate of super charging, Auto Pilot , color and tow hitch.
0.8442 Thank you OP, I feel like its the great fappeling all over again.
0.7964 These were clearly news worthy photos, of NEVER BEFORE SEEN shots of the interior, like the door panels photo...
0.7845 and virtue signal to the world how great you are.
0.7783 The best thing to do is to accept more peoples from the religion of pieces.
0.765 lol it's amazing how delusional your cult has become.
0.7579 TIL, India is literally the shit hole of the world. I give it 6 months and it will be just like before.
0.7506 You care, we all know you care.

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-0.8462 I hate to say it, but I think they are doomed.
-0.8176 Those break lights suck ass any way you cut it.
-0.8126 Shame on you for hiding these photos from the international automobile press, shame on you.
-0.7096 Your prophet was a pedophile rapist warlord.
-0.6597 I screwed that up, I could have sworn Musk said somewhere no metal roof on the 3. Also why would they have such a [small metal] roof area.
-0.6249 You dickhead.
-0.5956 Also that car is really, really ugly.
-0.5849 Really bad.
-0.5574 Google "trash and India" or "shit and India".
-0.5423 To bad the mod Dieabetic removed this photo from the front page, otherwise 10' of 1,000's of users would have been able to see it.
-0.5423 At first I could live with it, now I still can't get over how bad it is.
-0.5423 I did not realize the Bolt was that bad.