/u/propuneet is kind of a dick.

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0.6705 Which is a pretty cool method .
0.6369 People love me.
0.6124 Yes please.
0.5267 Oh my god will you please just tell me did you pet the dog eventually or not.
0.4877 So ZZ is better?
0.4228 I gotta say I'm kinda proud.
0.4019 My friends told me it'd be cool but now......
0.3612 He's like the Charlie sheen of dogs.
0.3612 Meena boi has like 33 more swag.
0.296 Yeah I'm trying to hook up with this girl on a wheel chair.
0.2732 Well, at least I'm getting attention.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8289 Definitely lying. I've heard people say they figured it out on their own but have now forgotten. Fucking liars. So is he.
-0.7964 Big ass joint made of dog shit.
-0.7783 "Honey, where the fuck is your dick now?
-0.7506 Shut up, fuck you :(
-0.7088 "it's filthy frank, motherfucker!
-0.5994 I did it with mine with no problem whatsoever.
-0.5994 I've done it with my other phone,and had no problem with it.
-0.5979 I'm so angry because you didn't say " I laughed, I cried, a complete roller coaster ride."
-0.5859 Wtf you don't even know carney?
-0.5574 I died doing that.
-0.5423 Fuck y'all.
-0.5423 Why the fuck did my last comment get down voted?