/u/prettylilpaige is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8402 What a perfectly lovely image.
0.836 Everything about this is perfectly delicious.
0.8176 I really want to get loosened up a bit more, so I can enjoy a good knotting.
0.7964 This looks super relaxing.
0.7964 I'd love to give you a good morning.
0.7783 Yummy yummy
0.7717 Now I'd love to find out if I could fit that in my mouth.
0.765 This skin will be released to be playable in Heroes of the storm at the end of the current college level tournament: Heroes of the Dorm.
0.7351 It looks like the perfect kind of bush to bury your nose in.
0.7269 I wish it was me, Looks yummy.
0.7003 Well this is just perfect.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5267 It hurt getting past the knot.
-0.3384 I'm so envious.
-0.3182 Addiction is a *terrible* thing. But seriously, watching the cum get milked from his cock makes my mouth water everytime.
-0.25 I've been a bit to timid to try again.
-0.2023 o.o Maybe I am.
-0.1779 Seeing this near the top of r/all I expected Bamboozle.
-0.128 I'd love to but I might get distracted as I slide my tongue under that foreskin.
0.0 Mmm, you can feed it to me on my back.
0.0 I'll be you're obedient flight attendant.
0.0 Mouth on the balls or on that head.
0.0 I'd let you guide me.
0.0 Lets find out.