/u/prettylilpaige is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8402 What a perfectly lovely image.
0.836 Everything about this is perfectly delicious.
0.8176 I really want to get loosened up a bit more, so I can enjoy a good knotting.
0.7964 This looks super relaxing.
0.7845 I wish I could love this so much.
0.7783 Yummy yummy
0.7717 Now I'd love to find out if I could fit that in my mouth.
0.765 This skin will be released to be playable in Heroes of the storm at the end of the current college level tournament: Heroes of the Dorm.
0.7351 It looks like the perfect kind of bush to bury your nose in.
0.7269 I wish it was me, Looks yummy.
0.7003 Well this is just perfect.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5267 It hurt getting past the knot.
-0.4927 Its really scaring me.
-0.3384 I'm so envious.
-0.3182 Addiction is a *terrible* thing. But seriously, watching the cum get milked from his cock makes my mouth water everytime.
-0.25 I've been a bit to timid to try again.
-0.2263 Ooo How could I forget.
-0.2023 o.o Maybe I am.
-0.1779 Seeing this near the top of r/all I expected Bamboozle.
-0.128 I'd love to but I might get distracted as I slide my tongue under that foreskin.
0.0 Lets find out.
0.0 The world may never know....
0.0 Ahhhhhhhhhhh~