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0.964 LOL I think that's a pretty easy request to grant sure =) My best low tier is Roy and I used to play some Pikachu when he was considered low tier.
0.9556 the love you and others here have shared is not lost at all and helps me have some compassion for myself, thank you all <3
0.938 wow thanks everyone so much for all the love I'm always blown away by your kindness!!
0.9334 Mango also showing the best tournament play he has all year also means all the top players have to be pushed more to improve which is exciting!
0.9232 =) Double edit: WOW so many upvotes and kind comments and a gold!!!!
0.9175 LMAO thats pretty great.
0.9077 I'm certainly not advocating for no fun stuff I want people to still love the character!
0.9042 Please stay strong and thanks for reaching out <3
0.9022 It's hard to say for sure what I'd want but if I felt comfortable with whoever was doing the buffing I'd be okay with it lol.
0.902 i could go on explaining it, but I'd rather tell you that I have seen my energy come back, my focus is better, and my thinking has greatly improved.
0.8847 not guaranteed but i feel good about my chances of being able to go =)

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-0.8338 Also, most Foxes will either abuse an offensive or defensive strategy but not both, so that also limits how scary Fox currently is overall.
-0.7578 i just wouldnt be happy with doing a bad job, that's all.
-0.6972 I was really starting to figure this out well around Apex 2015 so I'm mad I lost progress with that since he needs this badly.
-0.6785 i miss all of you really badly too!!
-0.6705 The simple reasoning is he's humanly easier, doesn't get hit as hard but can hit just as hard, and his threat range is massive.
-0.6497 meant to but i was already kinda bad off in terms of health by the time i found out about this.
-0.6473 It doesn't seem likely any will get pushed into high tier or even mid tier for most of them, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth improving anyway!
-0.5994 I prefer to be threatening from a distance, which is kind of a hybrid offense and defense in my mind.
-0.5719 As much as I miss connecting with you all, I would feel terrible to not embody some of my core principles while doing it.
-0.5698 He's also really great at killing and recovering and getting back on stage here, but I think the neutral problem is the deciding factor.
-0.5224 I think the neutral makes a better punish not worth it since Fox can gimp and kill off the top really easily here.
-0.4939 that would've been mad hype though