/u/postholes4ever is kind of a dick.

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0.7506 In a perfect world, policies would only be passed on their objective merits.
0.7178 I mean, why not make the guns themselves safer? Guns themselves are very safe.
0.6908 You ask for honesty and facts and you have none The CDC saw fit to include the reference to Klecks work without watering it down.
0.6369 I don't think you understand what freedom is.
0.6269 if his mother hadn't taught him how to use those firearms. Teaching someone how to use firearms enables them to do so safely.
0.6214 If you're done showing off on the internet, perhaps you could make claims that have more substantial support than a single abstract for a 20 year old paper.
0.6124 Defender demonstrates and effective defense 1.
0.6089 Such a defense should not be limited by the defender's own physical prowess or less effective methods.
0.5859 If you have additional information or views you'd like to express, please describe them briefly here:
0.5574 I think it's important to teach safety when handling firearms, regardless of the individual's mental state or capacity.
0.5574 I take issue with you equating "safe gun handling" skills with "effective mass shooting" skills.

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-0.9392 The Gun Violence Archive is also quite loose in how the define "gun violence.
-0.9274 He choose to kill her, steal her firearms, and kill kids.
-0.9201 One does not do that unless/until one perceives an immediate and otherwise unavoidable threat of death or grievous injury.
-0.918 We need a fresh start with everything. Because we should really reconsider whether murder and rape should be illegal ...
-0.9001 Choosing a ludicrous definition in order to game the numbers and scare people is unethical and immoral.
-0.8885 There is a reason that the vast bulk of defensive gun uses result in: a) no deaths, b) no injuries, and c) no shots fired.
-0.875 Gun Violence Archive Every one of these sources is openly biased against gun rights.
-0.872 * over the last two decades violent crime has fallen faster in the U.S.
-0.8555 Your focus on "gun violence" is typical of an anti-gun-rights zealot.
-0.8442 In 2106, the NCVS National Crime Victimization Survey indicated over 54,000 defensive gun uses annually.
-0.8271 It appears this study was commissioned by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 1.
-0.8126 The stats that make this claim virtually always conflate suicides with violent crime.