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0.8108 For example: freedom -- they cannot put a monetary value on freedom so they don't let it figure into their calculations.
0.7845 People love to throw about phrases like "better gun control" and "common sense" as excuses for sloppy thinking, intellectual laziness, and a lack of critical thinking skills.
0.7787 Almost without fail, proposed gun control laws would not have actually changed the outcome of the events which inspired them.
0.7269 You look at only one side of the issue and hope to save a single life.
0.7184 Feel free to cite some statistical evidence to support your claim.
0.711 So the average officer could easily go 228 years without killing anyone...
0.7096 Yes, they got their hand slapped.
0.6908 It sounds to me like you want the states to improve reporting of prohibited persons to NICS.
0.6908 You would effectively deny access to the single best self-defense tool available.
0.6908 Perhaps you'd like to put the banks in charge of deciding what kind of health care you get?
0.6597 Fences that are adequate to keep hogs out are expensive and easily tip the scales of profitability.

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-0.9633 Example: The 1994 assault weapons ban which had virtually no effect on violent crime.
-0.9601 That method of counting ignores the vast bulk of defensive gun uses in which there was no death, no injury, and no shots were fired.
-0.923 Had gun control been as successful at reducing violent crime as people like think there there would be some sort of discontinuous drop in violent crime associated with the passage of those laws.
-0.9026 So, just like with cars, gun owners should not be held liable for the harm a criminal does with a stolen gun.
-0.872 It is kept to protect against threats of death or grievous injury regardless of the means.
-0.8689 I suppose you could still feel good about what you'd done because those lost lives and suffering will be buried in the noise of violent criminal behavior.
-0.8462 Passing laws that do nothing but convert otherwise law abiding gun owners into criminals will not change that fact.
-0.8074 The only time people lump suicides in with violent criminal acts is when they are pushing an anti-gun-rights agenda.
-0.7964 Why do you feel the need to suddenly restrict this to killings by police?
-0.785 While firearms are one of the more effective means of suicide, there's no compelling evidence that eliminating them would reduce the overall suicide rate.
-0.7845 Every one of them that I've seen says that states with higher gun ownership have higher rates of **gun** suicides, which is different than saying their overall suicide rate is higher.
-0.7845 It's also a way to present absolute numbers instead of per captia. * I don't think anyone will argue that finding a way to reduce violent crime would be a good thing.