/u/postholes4ever is kind of a dick.

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0.7845 Your trying to suggest that the driver's test is solely responsible for the difference and you've yet to truly support that position.
0.7783 I was written to protect people's freedom.
0.7144 It's not a matter of whether or not there is risk, it is how much risk and what kind.
0.7003 Those writings give a pretty clear idea what what on their mind.
0.6908 A program in which you trade in guns to save a life sounds like some sort of extortion/protection racket.
0.6704 Most people won't shoot with you if you don't know how to safely handle a firearm.
0.6597 I strongly encourage democrats to run on exactly that platform.
0.659 Feel free to cite something more substantial than your opinion, specifically regarding driving and firearms.
0.6486 "everyone" is a pretty strong word in this case. * [There is no broadly agreed-to, specific conceptualization of this issue, so this report uses its own definition for *public mass shootings*.
0.6486 [I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery]
0.6369 I love raccoons.

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-0.9246 Those people that died in Australian massacres from arson, stabbings, and gas are just as dead as those killed with a firearm.
-0.9001 She was stabbed to death by her abusive ex-boyfriend while waiting for her permit.
-0.8658 She was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend after completing all the required training and paperwork required by NJ.
-0.8555 defend ones self and potentially kill and attacker 1.
-0.8555 let the attacker kill you (and/or your family
-0.8495 there's no evidence that humans are any less prone to violent criminal encounters today than at any time in history.
-0.8442 I feel it necessary to point out that you've not yet given evidence of a cause-effect relationship between the UK driving test and the low auto accident death rate.
-0.8225 What else are people to thing when you devolve into lofty arguments such as "stupid ignorance"
-0.8111 Or, if you count using the federal governments current criteriathree or more victims killed in an indiscriminate public rampagethere have been six mass shootings this year."
-0.8074 Violent criminal encounters are over very quickly .
-0.802 You seem to be equating gun ownership with slavery.
-0.7909 * turning your back on someone intent on doing you harm is not a good self-defense tactic * I've been in lots of houses in which it is possible to be blocked from all exits.