/u/postholes4ever is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Gun free zones have clearly demonstrated only that they create target rich zones. Including law enforcement?
0.8176 Because people have a right to be free and a right to defend their freedom.
0.7964 When they claim to be: * a hero. * a valiant warrior . * a genius * superior individuals * ...
0.7783 I've been looking in various sources to find how the legal definition of "peace and tranquility" is associated with "safey".
0.7269 I can say with high confidence that not every DGU gets documented and verified in a manner that satisfies their criteria.
0.7184 On an uneven "playing field", a firearm is the single best equalizer.
0.7096 I strongly disagree with that, just like I strongly disagree with the notion that governments grant the right to effectively defend one's self/family/community.
0.6908 Sure, I can put a round on target at 100 yards with a pistol, at a range, with a 6+ inch barrel, in ideal conditions.
0.6597 It's like hanging a sign on your house that says "good stuff to steel here".
0.6486 A tourniquet is also a temporary measure, but it can save a life.
0.6369 According to you, governments invented freedom.

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-0.886 I hate the prejudiced, bigoted, assholes that make unfounded assertions about whole populations.
-0.8807 * Because less than 50% of home invasion victims are killed or seriously injured, law abiding citizens should not be allowed to arm themselves?
-0.8176 Racism is stupid without exception.
-0.8126 * Rolling over and submitting to criminals tends to result in more/bolder criminals.
-0.8126 Guns with high capacity magazines make this far too easy. * mass murders are statistically insignificant by comparison to virtually every other cause of death.
-0.802 Unlike victimization or engaging in some illegal activity successfully using a gun against a criminal attacker **may** be viewed as a heroic act.
-0.796 So you're the kind of dumb ass who would send somebody else to confiscate guns.
-0.765 Some people are simply smaller and/or weaker than their attacker.
-0.765 If all those scary black rifles were magically removed from the Earth, the effect on criminal activity would be undetectable.
-0.7637 * Defending ones self/family/home is a deterrent to criminals. * Just because a criminal doesn't have a firearm does not mean they won't seriously hurt/kill you.
-0.7579 * Crime goes up during power failures.
-0.7351 It will be a long time before gun owners forget. The weak link in the chain is the user.