/u/pleurplus is kind of a dick.

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0.8909 Its not immoral. Their lost profits are not my problem, copying is not stealing.
0.8625 Specially one where the winners clearly are seen as less relevant to the economical system than Marx . Not giving a judgment of value, just trying to understand yours.
0.8209 I dont believe so, but if the person is willing to accept asshole friends they wont be abused, because thry wont complain about them being assholes.
0.8176 Wut? Most people trying to prove P = NP in that list are doing what you said. They try to solve one NP problem in P time that will allow us to solve other NP problems with.
0.7184 When not having ways to pay for what the doctor ordered saves your life... Great solution, america
0.7177 Nice, thanks!
0.6199 And why is it against the Marx's definition? And what makes Hayek and Mises to have won?
0.5994 Dude imagine when thr jet is upside down, or sideways, or getting shot at. Dont play with my feelings like that.
0.5719 I mean, anarchism is not liberalism, they are against liberalism, so they didn't stole anything. The american anarchism is heavily tied to classical liberalism, which is why Chomsky loves them.
0.5413 Why don't you put .gitignore inside .gitignore, it will follow it and also ignore itself. So you can just do git commit -am "message" But more importantly, why don't you commit it?
0.4939 A friendly reminder that nazis are scum

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-0.9584 That's not how economy works. The value of the scam increases, but you are able to scam way less so it doesn't matter if you can sell 100 shit for a lot of money if you make 0 shit a day.
-0.8902 The alt-right are fascists in suits, they also need their violent fascists to follow their hate speech. Its not in their best interest to be against themselves...
-0.7579 Fascists don't need to be racists. Normally they don't call themselves nazis, but integralists or things like that, but they are still fascists and defend 99% of the same shit.
-0.7005 I think people dont like being alone, and sometimes it is worse than being with people that aren't that nice.
-0.6908 Im talking about the situation OP defined. Where your friends are assholes to other people, and when you complain they are to you. Enablers dont complain about them messing with other people...
-0.6808 C motherfucker, do you speak it?
-0.6361 Does that make a man inherently more violent?
-0.6124 Thats the difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone is not an issue, being alone more than you would like is.
-0.5801 They aren't mainstream, they aren't referenced anywhere near how much Marx is. They may be growing, but I don't see how a win works.
-0.5719 How is copying stealing?
-0.5423 Because publishers fuck them?
-0.5423 Because its completely arbitrary and you decided its bad.