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0.9136 Everything he did was impressive and nobody could get on his level. He was the best then, woox is the best now.
0.8689 you guys clearly care a lot, there are many threads like that. If you dont care why are you complaining about it.
0.8442 Its just cute how libertarian capitalists love their rulers :).
0.8176 I dont know how its called in english since the word libertarian is heavily tied with ancaps. But here "Libertarian pedagogy" is huge. Look Paulo Freire up, he is awesome, seriously.
0.712 Yeah but its not a very smart move. Its much more profitable to work like google and make a walled garden with your information, so they are the only ones with it and can use in their many services.
0.6705 Hows that working for you smart pro-capitalists? Lol
0.6705 Lol where I live even rich people are afraid of being stopped by a cop in the middle of nowhere...
0.6486 Lol I was talking about politicians like ron paul. But if the shoe fits...
0.6369 I dont know much about Hockey. But if you put Woox at that time, when Zezima was the best.
0.6072 How are they protecting you? So the policies are the problem, but people enforcing them are heroes? If that isnt cognitive dissonance I dont know what is.
0.5962 I mean, how isn't that still fucked up? 100KB for a fucking website?

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-0.8355 No they are not, they are there to be sure the company doesn't get caught doing something illegal. And neither did the company nor the CEO commit a crime, so it doesn't apply here.
-0.7717 They were on the wrong side of the wars.
-0.7479 Really? Isreal is a fascist shithole. They have been persecuting refugees for a long time. They should also be posted here, a lot of times.
-0.6705 Prejudice and people get scared of getting it, no matter how hard it is if you take proper care.
-0.6597 It is, its something imposed by the organization that holds the monopoly of violence. You obey the law or else.
-0.6549 I mean, he also is a high profile target so he would be more vulnerable to attacks, including those that use your webcam. Even if they are from nation-states or other companies.
-0.6427 Which isn't perfect, but it's better than the evil they cause today.
-0.631 If it has then the point is not the gender but something correlated to it, so gender is the wrong question anyway because it doesn't mean much biologically.
-0.6298 What? That makes no sense, are you ok? Please provide a source or at least some argument to prove your point. Do facts hurt that much?
-0.5994 They were designed by death and reproduction.
-0.5994 No its not dude, its made by huge companies that live from growing cattle, they even murder natives for the land.
-0.5803 What the actual fuck? Like at that point why bother?