/u/pleurplus is kind of a dick.

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0.8591 It would be better if you could create a government and people join together making it horizontal. So direct democracy and free association.
0.8548 I mean, there are things in games, like CS GO, TF2, or w/e that are worth like 30k. So I'm sure there are accounts that are worth more than 92k.
0.8402 It's not only the president, it's a culture, it's a judgment of value, that gives value to "the troops", that creates the respect and the culture around it.
0.8225 edit: wow sorry, that I made a huge walltext lol
0.8126 What is supported by huge corporations, that has always happened, so in futarchy I would just earn money by knowing in this system they would win?
0.7796 Wew lad, I don't like what they do, but I sure support them!!!
0.7759 Cashiers also dont choose their job, is their a fetish for them and are they supported like that? So you also support cops.
0.7579 To increase us external influence and increase local profit.
0.7319 I mean, is it good to spend time in the military? What good would they do by being in the us army?
0.7184 And I'm sure many other Communes would be happy to intervene .
0.7184 You think they go hug people? Explain to me why is it good to have been part of what the us military does.

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-0.9274 I don't get your point. I'm not saying they are useless, their job is to cause destruction and fuck shit up, they have always done.
-0.9163 No you would try to stop him. And the war of vietnam, or on the middle east is not fucked up? That violence exist and wont stop existing peacefully.
-0.8954 Firstly, there are actually bad things he does to complain instead of "you didnt join the nationalist circlejerk and went to war for a government you didnt even choose".
-0.8591 Because if so you would be fucked by anyone willing to use violence.
-0.8541 You realize that through history the us army has done a lot of fucked up things, right? How do you justify the wars the us took part from ww2?
-0.8481 You only talk about the ones that cause that, that go there willing to kill and destroy a country for their boss.
-0.8426 Dont you get how pathetic you sound? Violence is a tool, as much as peaceful resolution, both exist and are necessary. If he hit you would you just cry on your side?
-0.8384 There is no such thing as independent, you have an ideology. I'm not talking about parties, nor political organizations, only ideology. Seriously wtf.
-0.8321 So the power structures, that incentive greed, shouldnt exist, like politicians and business owners. They cause the ruin, not greed.
-0.8233 Surveillance states get attacked when eastern countries do it, but when it's in the west it's "necessary" or w/e. So much bullshit.
-0.8228 And why can't they hire their own security agency and do whatever they want, like forbidding me of leaving? Debt slavery is not a new concept, it's the most easy and common type of slavery today.
-0.8176 And the people that try to kill people like me always endup dead, because that's what happens with people that are "superior".