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0.9091 Sure but they can be honey pot and if it's not .onion it can be traced and seized illegally, but yeah, if you trust it it's clean.
0.8555 But if you choose which ones to follow because you trust those words, agree with it, like a regular leader, how did they came from god, and how do you know it?
0.8402 It might as well not exist. What, it is useful, maybe not that useful, so it might as well do exist.
0.8123 Nobody is against is, you need it to ensure the society you agree with exists, and you know it. You are not against violence.
0.7845 Well, just hope you are luckier than the company that operated at a building of the world trade center and had the backup at the other.
0.6808 Lol I remember when my school had a speaking about drugs and their effects. The conclusion everybody took, even the teachers, was that lsd is safer than coffee.
0.6761 Communist is not totalitarian, it's anarchistic. Nazis commit genocide and its the entire purpose of their ideology, it's the significant part.
0.6705 Yeah those that have established a reputation are trustable. The point is that they have nation states behind them.
0.6249 Banning nazis is a great idea.
0.6124 They can even create a ui to automate it instead of opening many tabs. The point is that to make the actual comments hiring a person is cheaper and better.
0.5842 The market won't stop that "compliance driven executive board", it will only make them more compliant, since they follow the profit.

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-0.8934 If antifa is violent or not is not the point. Besides, what is the problem with violence?
-0.7783 And even then, it has already been leaked, killing him is creating another loose end, not ending it.
-0.6903 You are right, but maybe it has something to do with the rise of the alt-right on reddit. So it's a bit scary.
-0.6808 He also defends torture and thanked the person that tortured our last president during the military dictatorship.
-0.6801 No he is completely wrong. They shouldnt be able to do that.
-0.6041 Making a law forbidding doesnt make it irreplaceable. If you can ilegally replace then its not secure, because people can replace the hardware to a vulnerable/exploited one.
-0.5994 It means nothing and it only fucks our lives because people use it to justify making hate speech, spreading that genocide is good.
-0.594 How long ago was that? And do you have the name of the admin? What the fuck.
-0.5423 I smoke daily, its still a drug... Being a drug doesnt mean its necessarily bad for you.
-0.4939 You are missing the point. What the fuck does that have to do with laws making fixing your device harder. And they can do just like android does with to bootloader.
-0.4767 Representative democracy doesn't give power to the people, and there is no institutional way to have a voice, to protect your life from government decisions that fuck your life.
-0.4588 Brigading doesnt give you a shadowban. Its made for bots, people are banned by the regular way.