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0.9493 I don't if this accounts for anything, but I do have a pretty small head, so if anything the higher clamping force should benefit as it'll help them stay on better.
0.9161 Never seen one on another board, but mine sounds great and is amazing build quality.
0.9115 My suggestion is Barney Kessel, awesome jazz player, one of my favorites! Edit: And Lenny Breau, another great jazz player!
0.9099 But yeah it is highly dependent on how much gain you need, although I highly recommend it, I haven't found a chink in its armour yet, great pedal.
0.9042 Super versatile, sounds great doing pretty much whatever you throw at it.
0.893 I really love Mccoy Tyner version Live at the Village Vanguard playing John Coltrane, it's great!
0.886 Dzierkals played great, didn't even know he was the Leafs' Dzierkals until I looked it up and I was stoked, that night he easily looked like the most stand out player.
0.886 I think if we perform well against our division again , and play consistently I feel confident in another 11 or 12 wins.
0.8847 I just got a Gravity Sunrise Mini in the mail yesterday, and I think it will be staying with me for awhile, I've tried many types of jazz picks, but these are definitely the best for me.
0.8822 Honestly, I don't have a HUGE use for trem, but I really want a fun but still usable pedal, and the Sonar seems to fit the bill.
0.8762 I'm not a drummer, but Elvin Jones is certainly a personal favourite of mine, him and Lenny White are both great!

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-0.5574 Other than some of the ones you mentioned, I also watch Rob Chapman, 331Erock, Jim Lill, Mike Hermans and Coffee and Riffs.
-0.5493 Unfortunately my local store doesn't carry the Super Pulsar and I am really on the hunt for a pedal to take advantage of their sale.
-0.4404 That's my main concern, as I probably won't be wearing them for insane stretches, and I'm used to uncomfortable headphones anyway :p
-0.34 Nope, the pseudo rivalry streak has ended :/ at least for the regular season
-0.3291 I have the Ditto,and I don't know if this works every time, but when you double click to stop it if you want to delete it you can hold the second click and it will delete the loop.
-0.3182 Mesa Boogie Mark V w/ footswitch into a Mesa 212 or 412 MusicMan Silhouette w /piezo bridge option Catalinbread Belle Epoch Delay Edit: Formatting
-0.296 It's a C# minor 7 chord, no 5
-0.2732 I changed out the pups for a Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck and a Dimarzio AT-1 in the bridge; I also blocked the trem with a piece of wood.
-0.2732 Zebra Pickups Trem/Back plate removed Trem blocked Chip out of the poly along the edge
-0.2263 Besides, I'm limited on pedalboard space, and the Sonar is already pushing the budget and the SP is a bit more expensive.
-0.1531 The interplay on this album between Jim Hall and Sonny is just insane as well.
-0.1511 So for us it's the Steelers and Houston, and it would be the pats if we weren't already playing them