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0.946 I love simpsons and this is the greatest delight i have had today :)
0.946 Keeping a vibrant and cheerful attitude will help along, not to mention will also win you some good companions.
0.9245 Thanks and huge respect, also as a dev will definitely contribute to this repo on github, cheers !
0.9118 Hello, greetings from India, that's an awesome initiative and also I am glad to help in any way possible.
0.8947 its like hangouts , only that it is a custom made open source app , so anybody can improve on , we can add any features we like and also for free!
0.872 I would love to collaborate with any developers interested in making such a project in javascript :) this is my github https://github.com/sourabh2k15
0.8655 To wish them happy new year :) !
0.8316 Please provide me links for the free voip solutions you mentioned , do you mean services like teamviewer ?
0.8176 If I can get a solution to render webpages as ASCII or something like that I am happy , that too only for some programming websites that's it .
0.8091 I was having a tough time with random processes , bit error rates , information theory , but thanks to the community I got really good resources !
0.7964 and I have been trying to, but I thought the more experienced redditors could give me a helping hand

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-0.763 I am so sad :( .
-0.7443 Haha , this wouldn't even be considered a problem if I state that I am an Indian , where the traffic and roads are so fucked up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqmJ8JnxhJU
-0.7171 what's so boring in DIP , u need to take a break out of work dude seriously , driving u crazy !
-0.6428 They would rather spend 6 months online learn scripting , do this on their own , than buy this shit lollll .
-0.631 I wanted to know the rules there and in general about the life there , but I think I posted in the wrong sub-reddit , are you from memphis ?
-0.5927 nodejs server is a piece of cake , not much skills required , but setting raspi as an access point does include editing many files , which I am unable to understand properly :( .
-0.5574 so that central server can be a raspi for a small scale audience and using websockets there is no lag .
-0.5267 With all due respect sir, we did our homework and researched a lot , googled our limits , but failed to find a decent explanation , so we took resort to reddit.
-0.4767 I got in and this subreddit is still haunted by ghosts.
-0.431 haha now that's a valid point but **Indians are harsh to buy on anything , even for 1 rupee** .
-0.4019 My favourite page on your site is the birthday problem , it just tells us how math can predict results normally not of common sense .
-0.4003 Alternatively I could turn on my vivid imagination developed over the years seeing a multitude of cartoons, eat spinach, drive my bat car and go knock out all ducks and horses with my laser gun !