/u/phoenixbasileus is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8173 wow so brave
0.7783 lmao did you seriously try and use your WT account as an argument keep yourself safe friend
0.765 lol xD dank meme
0.7506 Another great way is a cool glass of Clorox in the morning
0.734 sure just don't spam stupid fucking threads
0.7269 keep yourself safe friend
0.7269 Keep yourself safe friend
0.7096 nice sperg out champ
0.6908 Yes but I tend not to set my watch to what Burgerstanis think is a good idea
0.6344 imagine being this fucking salty lmao
0.5994 lmao still butthurt

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8313 look if the visitors didn't want to be abused, they wouldn't be so completely retarded.
-0.8176 You're assuming a direct causative relationship and ignoring every thing else that could also be a causative factor in order to make a shitty point, it's time to stop
-0.8176 that suggests there's a point in them in which you stop being racist smh
-0.8126 Either you're actually ignorant as to cultural marxism being a far-right conspiracy theory about Jews, or you're obfuscating stupidity in order to appear reasonable
-0.7906 You mean it's good for questions about stupid meaningless shit?
-0.7564 k well it is so too bad just go on 4chan ffs
-0.7506 You seem upset that the anime ship girls bullshit got removed
-0.7474 I know, it really hurts to lose your karma farm and really get the circlejerk going
-0.7351 Nah it's because you're an insufferable shit, stop posting
-0.7251 No fucking weeb shit
-0.6705 No I unbanned you because banning the lolcows is dumb
-0.6705 Nah they're probably mad for getting called out for being utter twatwaffles and confuse that with censorship