/u/phoenixbasileus is kind of a dick.

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0.7893 wow so deep thanks fam stay woke
0.7574 So like did you not actually read the rest of the article before rushing for that precious karma?
0.5994 Your whole point is "well it could be true" based on nothing much at all.
0.5859 Frankly if the Dan Carlin fanboys on Reddit are the result, lmfao at your last sentence.
0.5334 k don't whore your own video here
0.5267 What a fantastic gross simplification of British appeasement, good hustle chief
0.4767 "We have no evidence for this claim, but it's totes true" k fam
0.4019 lmao no they're all trash
0.3724 Verdun didn't involve terrible Telstra internet tbqh fam
0.3612 Like the one that was already occurring?
0.3612 This pasta is like white person mac and cheese casserole

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-0.8016 That and tech wank is fucking awful and needs to die
-0.7906 stupid fucking meme i will temp ban any chucklefuck using
-0.7867 Except it's just wrong so it's not even giving them useful information, just another stupid stereotype to replace one they might already have
-0.7506 If that was your point, you failed miserably
-0.7003 Problem is here that there is a right answer and a wrong answer
-0.6841 And your topic isn't remotely Wehraboo, it's you jerking hard about DAE ROMMEL BAD
-0.6808 Still failed because Maori is both singular and plural smh
-0.6453 You should probably read through your second paragraph again and realise how completely fucking retarded it is
-0.6369 what do you mean the French retaking Fort Douaumont did not involve an Italian-Canadian hurling abuse at me while I ran along the corridor bayonetting oblivious Germans
-0.5574 because your tones copper is that shit
-0.5574 k your husbando is shit, deal with it
-0.5574 Or some people know enough to know when someone is talking absolute shit?