/u/phoenixbasileus is slightly positive.

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0.8062 the only thing thats trash is your waifu also why didn't you tell me how fucking dank support was to play, the mortar is good again unlike 4 yee
0.7531 excuse me only the first one is true, APOLOGISE
0.7506 Have fun with that champ
0.7466 Well they could like not start a war That's also a solution to this problem.
0.7269 keep yourself safe friend
0.7184 Imagine being this completely assblasted about reddit lmfao do you like have any other hobbies or something?
0.7089 I'll even help you out, it's really easy.
0.7003 well it's important to be considerate of those with crippling mental disabilities such as being communist
0.6771 well i mean ok then, i was being generous and not immediately giving you your helicopter ride bye felicia
0.6728 The OP is a fantastic strawman that our friend Don Quioxte here is really getting stuck into, bravo
0.6597 thats nice dear

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8613 um tbh can you not your username is GROSS and RACIST
-0.8126 No, banned for being an apologist moron
-0.7964 fuck off with the edgy shit
-0.7964 Low hanging as fuck you lazy howler monkey
-0.7783 I mean if you want to make shitty justifications for Mao and make excuses thats on you fuck off tankie
-0.6948 the only shame of that war was that everyone couldn't lose tbqh
-0.6901 I genuinely feel for you though, it must be quite a sad life where not only do you lack in any empathy, you can't even comprehend that other people do have empathy and don't merely perform it
-0.6866 because if someone helps the poor they won't help him larp the revolution :(
-0.5849 I mean is it really a bad thing to keep the lolcows mooing?
-0.5719 try not making pants on head retarded analogies i guess
-0.5423 that logic doesn't even begin to work, pls stop you're embarrassing yourself
-0.5267 show us on the doll where the mean game hurt your fee fees