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0.7418 Glad you worked it out! Flairs awarded! /u/Azurei_Anima + /u/RaviBaws
0.6486 There are several nice quality of life upgrades you can buy for credits.
0.6114 Happy trading!
0.5563 I was glued to your run - you were both very impressive in the speedrun and the commentary.
0.4754 Screenshots are particularly helpful.
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/i-3MoRz + /u/xxSSxxShock
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/brixez + /u/Suxhe
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/brixez + /u/xxSSxxShock
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/RaviBaws + /u/ForNeverLynn
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/MFStwelve + /u/Gilgaland
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/Suxhe + /u/DatingMyHand

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-0.7906 Abusive PMs and threats are absolutely not allowed on this subreddit.
-0.7269 Unfortunately we've had at least one instance of a user self-trading with an alt account and building up sufficient karma to make a big scam before deleting both accounts.
-0.7184 That user has already been banned from the subreddit. Reminder to everyone: Banned users can contact you outside of the subreddit.
-0.5824 /u/DaSnail and /u/Rippner90 consider this your first and **final** warning on that issue. Finally thank you to /u/cnurmnick for actually calling a moderator to this fiasco.
-0.4588 Continue to flout the rules of /r/SmiteTrades and you will find yourself banned from the subreddit.
-0.4019 Hello, this is a courtesy note to let you know that as per rule [**Do Not Abuse Others**] on this subreddit, this comments have been removed.
-0.3182 That's odd, I've been using ACT for ages on DX9.
-0.2411 I'm not sure how to advise a fix on that.
-0.2023 Removing it from them was a strange choice thematically...
0.0 The only way I get every hole sealed and flat is through ironing for a *very* long time.
0.0 Wait, Jeezee is Twente?!
0.0 You can see them under: Legacy