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0.7418 Glad you worked it out! Flairs awarded! /u/Azurei_Anima + /u/RaviBaws
0.7088 Please, please heed the warnings and save yourself a lot of heartache!
0.6114 Happy trading!
0.4754 Screenshots are particularly helpful.
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/i-3MoRz + /u/Tonyota
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/Ri-in + /u/Kayderen
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/Covert-Coupe + /u/SN_PRIME
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/MFStwelve + /u/gotbunnies
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/TheDarkztarz + /u/Suxhe
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/iiMesh + /u/deathlybullet
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/idrinkwaffles + /u/SN_PRIME

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-0.8807 This post might be genuine but it has happened in the past that spiteful or troll users have accused others of scamming them just to make trouble.
-0.7906 Abusive PMs and threats are absolutely not allowed on this subreddit.
-0.7269 Unfortunately we've had at least one instance of a user self-trading with an alt account and building up sufficient karma to make a big scam before deleting both accounts.
-0.7184 That user has already been banned from the subreddit. Reminder to everyone: Banned users can contact you outside of the subreddit.
-0.5859 You can ruin someones reputation without any evidence, as the community will still remember your name as associated with scamming.
-0.5824 /u/DaSnail and /u/Rippner90 consider this your first and **final** warning on that issue. Finally thank you to /u/cnurmnick for actually calling a moderator to this fiasco.
-0.5719 Seriously guys and girls - this user was banned a month ago and has been on the scammers list since that time. **DO NOT TRADE WITH PEOPLE ON THE SCAMMERS LIST.
-0.431 We don't award flairs for multiple trades involving the same traders.
-0.4019 The problem is two fold: 1.
-0.3612 These posts are getting ridiculous.
-0.3089 A reminder - do not trade with accounts that have not been active for 60 days, and do not trade with users on the scammers list.
0.0 DO NOT TRADE WITH ANYONE WHO CANNOT REPLY TO YOUR TRADE POSTS.** This information appears all over this subreddit.