/u/petermayhew is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8885 A wonderful name for a wonderful cat. Cheers, Peter Mayhew
0.8481 It was a true honor to work with such a lengend, he inspired me.
0.8316 I suppose a cantina patron would be lovely like Anthony Daniels, or a pilot like Jeremy Bulloch.
0.802 The wonderfully talented Ben Burtt added the sounds after.
0.8008 It brings me so much joy to have you all in my life. Cheers, Peter Mayhew
0.7845 He has always been a lovely person. Cheers, Peter Mayhew
0.7783 I honestly would be honored to be included in any way.
0.7783 It's a wonderful name. Cheers, Peter Mayhew
0.7783 Harrison is a wonderful human being, and try to see him as often as possible. Cheers, Peter Mayhew
0.7559 Very nice. Cheers, Peter Mayhew
0.743 Pretty frequently. Cheers, Peter Mayhew

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9246 How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob, if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes?
-0.5574 Technology has been the biggest thing that has changed the course of the Star Wars productions
-0.5574 Especially when there's a Star Wars marathon on at TV.
-0.5267 There was a cooling unit added for the suit for Revenge of the Sith
-0.4939 I may have stolen Harrison's "Boots" Thermos.
-0.4404 Never give up on what you want to do because of what you fear others may think.
-0.3612 Empire Strikes Back
-0.3612 The Empire Strikes Back
-0.3612 Once at Disney I was mistaken for Howard Stern.
-0.3612 The Walking Dead, Longmire, The Crown, DIY shows, and anything with nice cars in it
-0.3612 The Empire Strikes Back, hands down
-0.34 Shoot Kylo Ren in the gut