/u/petercornswalled is kind of a dick.

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0.875 Does this mean "Better Mexican than Chipotle" is the new "Better Love Story than Twilight?"
0.7579 For profit religious schools will see a huge increase in enrollment.
0.6808 In a couple months my book "Hydrino Science and the Bible" will be showing people the astounding religions truths unveiled by Dr.
0.6486 The nation of Israel existed the longest and retained its independence best during the period of the Judges.
0.5994 Laugh all you want.
0.5983 The last laugh will be ours!
0.5927 I had only planned a book release, but submitting proper papers to the [Creation Research Society] is a good idea.
0.5875 It's not slavery.
0.5859 That's the beauty of it.
0.5719 Mills's theories and am overjoyed by how they slaughter so many humanist theories about origins.
0.5267 I'm going to make sure this fact is well known before the generator is manufactured.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9451 Doomed vanity lawsuit from bitter leftist losers abusing kids for publicity.
-0.8957 We need to kill the welfare state and cut off the welfare whores in order to survive.
-0.8885 She should be arrested and jailed for sex abuse.
-0.886 Lying about Trump is how Leftists deal with the horror of being permanently rejected by mainstream America.
-0.8591 Homosexuality is a doctrine of violence and evil.
-0.831 Thanks to the sale of prisoner labor to companies we have more enslaved blacks in the USA than we did before the Civil War!
-0.8126 The media proved it's full of incompetent morons when they insisted Trump's massive victory would be a defeat.
-0.7845 Let the low energy losers fail.
-0.765 Instead of repealing Obamacare he's tweaking it in a way that makes all the things bad about Obamacare even worse.
-0.7401 We'll never know for sure what happened if he turns up dead.
-0.7096 Mills in the forefront of a new attack on humanist lies.
-0.7003 Slavery never went away.