/u/petercornswalled is kind of a dick.

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0.7964 It was funny and made the point perfectly.
0.7964 Working with a community theater troop with a good track record seems the best bet.
0.7717 He's a salesman, the kind who considers used car sales to be too honest a job.
0.7579 Freeing them was a miscarriage of justice.
0.743 Looks to me like she was trying to use this to make a big payday for her lover and put her husband on the financial hook for the costs.
0.7269 He has a pretty good case for getting the suit thrown out.
0.7184 Maybe we'll get some good winners instead of politically correct ones.
0.7184 You laugh, but the image is true.
0.7184 Their tepid "support" of right-wing organizations is a cover for their true agenda, an excuse to give their alt-left supporters a talking point to defend the cesspool.
0.7003 The irony is a jail cell will still be safer with more amenities than Fyre Festival attendees got.
0.6908 God orders the Jews to commit genocide and wipe out entire races to secure Canaan.

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-0.949 I normally hate musicals, but one about this fiasco with Billy portrayed as the over the top delusional narcissistic moron he really is would be a riot.
-0.93 You are a liar and a fraud You are a whore of Satan, Lucifer's deceiving lickspittle.
-0.872 You are a contemptible cur and I damn you to Hell for all eternity.
-0.7918 We have an alpha in the White House now so there's hope the rest of the country won't be overrun and raped by camel rapers.
-0.765 I looked at the list of Subreddits you subscribe to. You're a sick, demented pervert.
-0.7199 Your empathy with her is not to see her as a projection of yourself but as the most relatable retard in the room.
-0.7096 I can see a drugged, terrified woman being given an abortion against her will confusing a surgical knife with an exacto knife.
-0.6808 No, no, no.
-0.6705 The USA picked the wrong side in WWII and now we're going to fix that mistake.
-0.6597 If China gets involved they'll end up a vassal state of the USA, a mine pit and waste dump.
-0.6597 Anime is evil and degenerated.
-0.6597 I've referred to feminism as a satanist lesbian cancer castrating our young men.