/u/petercornswalled is kind of a dick.

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0.8698 Yes, the people behind the Fyre Festival make ICP look VERY classy by comparison.
0.8203 The exact size isn't too important in the open dome prototypes, but in a production unit the space will have to be a careful compromise between safety and reaction efficiency.
0.7964 It was funny and made the point perfectly.
0.7717 He's a salesman, the kind who considers used car sales to be too honest a job.
0.7579 I'm perfectly calm.
0.743 Looks to me like she was trying to use this to make a big payday for her lover and put her husband on the financial hook for the costs.
0.7269 The Fyre Festival would literally have done better if organized by Jugalos on meth.
0.7269 "Classier than Fyre" is a low bar to set but ICP and their fans clear it with ease.
0.7269 Once you realize that nobody has it "right" in science it becomes easier to see ways to encourage other scientists to examine the work of Dr.
0.6808 Even Mills incorporates portions of quantum theory into his Grand Unified theory.
0.6808 If it were there wouldn't be fragments of it in the Doctor's Grand Unified Theory.

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-0.9001 People are deliberately faking evidence of crisis actor reuse in an apparent effort to discredit people who are trying to spot crisis actors.
-0.8934 Walking away with millions after spending a fraction of that isn't a payoff? Even if the scam failed it was still a scam.
-0.8817 It's become a sad, pathetic, cesspool of whining little brats and weirdos obsessed with NAZI frogs.
-0.8555 It's disgusting to see a nation die over guilt for crimes that never happened.
-0.836 The worst that will happen is the whiny, sand-filled pustules who post there will have to find someplace else to cry into their craft beers while shaking their fists at clouds.
-0.7906 A crisis actor has been reused between false flag attacks.
-0.7845 There is no statute of limitations on murder and there's a lot of blood on her hands.
-0.7783 If they hadn't already had the film in post by the time of the election the execs would probably have killed the project when Hillary lost.
-0.7783 The woman is a low energy, stupid loser who belongs on skid row panhandling.
-0.7772 His generator is delayed in part because he can't seem to accept Hydrino decay back into hydrogen as possible, let alone plan for it in his generator design.
-0.765 People with the budget and time to orchestrate a false flag attack are going to be able to slap some prosthetics or run some CGI over their crisis actors.
-0.7613 Are you really this stupid or just pretending? He lied.