/u/petercornswalled is a total dick!

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0.7987 The blacks will think they're winning for a while because the white liberals will be so easy to wipe out.
0.7096 Glad to see Catholics are good for SOMETHING.
0.6848 I know Muslims are thrilled with this, but this feels more like classic bolshevik tactics than Islamic ones.
0.6633 Cuck Leftists LOVE imaginary women who are as tough as men.
0.6486 The nation of Israel existed the longest and retained its independence best during the period of the Judges.
0.6486 Both are severely infected by humanist agendas but can be salvaged for the glory of God if used properly: http://petercornswalled.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-hydrino-cycle.html
0.6369 That's perfectly reasonable.
0.5994 Yes, Vox is a joke.
0.5574 Our current border security is a joke.
0.5106 The character was literally created by a man who was the proudly submissive servant of two lesbians.
0.4939 We need to get the government out of health care.

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-0.886 Lying about Trump is how Leftists deal with the horror of being permanently rejected by mainstream America.
-0.8591 Homosexuality is a doctrine of violence and evil.
-0.8402 Money that should have been seized and used to pay for damages done by their terrorist operations.
-0.8126 They don't realize they were defeated because their ideologies are dead and the people know they need to be eradicated.
-0.8074 I'd reserve the torture for pedos that actually hurt children.
-0.7845 It's been accused of being a CIA false flag document to get people to kill themselves trying to build bombs.
-0.765 Instead of repealing Obamacare he's tweaking it in a way that makes all the things bad about Obamacare even worse.
-0.743 That's an 80% approval rating among the ONLY demographic block that's growing WITHOUT the aid of illegal immigration and illegal voting.
-0.743 A few foreign tourists being gunned down would discourage the tour companies from harassing the students.
-0.7401 We'll never know for sure what happened if he turns up dead.
-0.7351 He's making a lot of retarded mistakes that will cost him a second term if he keeps it up.
-0.7269 All the libtard mandatory appeals means a lifetime of jail is cheaper than the legal cost of processing a death penalty conviction in most states.