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0.9169 Freedom is such a pro-West propaganda buzzword. A large share of the light colored countries in the map are perfectly free.
0.8425 Child's play compared to the US. So yeah, it gains a lot of sympathy from me.
0.8176 I would wish for their success, but I don't really have to, because they will succeed.
0.7964 Like anywhere else in South America, knowing Spanish will help a lot, though it's better here than elsewhere in the continent.
0.7717 Westeners always talk about the wonderful ancient China, with all it's marvels.
0.7146 He also founded the most powerful and capable instance of China in it's entire history.
0.7003 China sounds better because it is, in fact, better.
0.6801 The Chinese today owe everything to him. And yes, China had very capable leaders after Mao.
0.6801 And yes, China had very capable leaders after Mao.
0.6542 I said it is nowhere near as bad as the US. Case in point though, thank you.
0.6369 Overall though, he was the best thing that ever happened to China.

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-0.7845 Bad pizza is actually disgusting.
-0.7825 Some things never change. "Greatest enemies", my ass.
-0.7783 The one that was destroyed by the Opium wars and tore apart by Western imperialistic powers.
-0.7644 It's almost as if the main capitalist superpower constantly fucks up Latin American countries for being too leftist, people will start blaming them by default!
-0.7351 You're just throwing the term around to cover the fact that disgusting crimes are being committed. Eventually no one will bat an eye after being called that, and you will wonder who's at fault.
-0.7003 The attacks and colonialism of Spain in central and south America happened 400 years ago, but the attacks and colonialism of the US happened only decades ago in many cases.
-0.6808 Your excuses are pathetically lame.
-0.6705 I don't think I know a single person that hates Messi. There are some hardcore Maradona fans that dislike him, of course.
-0.6597 Mao fucked up.
-0.6486 Take a nice look at this US dominated world, because it won't last. You will lose the SCS, you will lose Taiwan, and you will lose your status as the sole superpower.
-0.6486 The difference is, China suffers no more famines.
-0.6486 There is no reason for you to visit a dangerous zone, though, so don't.