/u/pete_heat is a total dick!

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0.8467 Like I said before, as a champion you do not have to engage in order to win.
0.7783 Champions are champions.
0.7152 Most retards stayed home today so commute was nice and easy in the morning.
0.6597 Scoring championship matches have been like this since the 30s boxing, even older.
0.6249 spit effect - awesome.
0.6249 Lol sure ...
0.6096 He can easily get a job at a depo. I'm in Canada, smoke weed so I'm cool with it all.
0.6004 Do hot chicks without fake asses just get posted here for fun ? Her ass is n fake. Fak you TS
0.5994 You guys do realize as the champion you have the right to wait...
0.5927 Can't find anything but I hope soon
0.5859 YOU are part of that 'made up fan nonsense', just like everyone booing last night.

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-0.9477 Either you're retarded or your mother fucked her brother and unfortunately made an inbred useless cunt such as yourself.
-0.9062 lollll 6mbps my fucking salty balls you faggot ass liars.
-0.9061 Fucking brutal seeing a mother taking her kids for a walk and seeing a couple of zero fuck losers walk by them smoking a jay.
-0.9022 Weak as fuck. Kill yourself, closest bridge .
-0.8971 So no pic of the m3, fucking lying faggot
-0.8891 To bad this whore stopped doing porn
-0.8316 Get fucked loser
-0.8137 If none then why give a fuck You're almost as hated as a metremaid
-0.8074 Come and get it bitch I'll knock you the fuck out.
-0.805 Cause of death, being a bitch who couldn't take a thick cock.
-0.7717 Man these useless bitches with a big rack gotta do porn.
-0.7713 Are you all retarded or fucking blind?