/u/perusingparts is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9001 He's a good man for wanting to share and you are awesome for sharing.
0.8922 I don't know who took your shirt but I'm glad they did you look great.
0.8658 I'm glad you gained it you look awesome
0.7964 You're cute and have great boobs.
0.7964 No it's great love that tongue and your boobs.
0.7964 You look amazing and talented.
0.7906 Nice wiggle would love to see more
0.7906 You look great I hope it's the first of many posts
0.7906 The view from the front is good and the view from the back is great.
0.7906 Great boobs better nips.
0.7845 Nice boobs, great nips

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4767 Tell her she's wrong you are right.
-0.3566 If they are really sensitive no.
-0.3182 Maybe I'm just being greedy.
-0.2755 What about it don't you like?
-0.1779 I do, nice ass
-0.0258 You should always feel sexy as fuck because you are.
0.0 Keep em coming
0.0 Keep posting
0.0 Long distance relationship almost never work.
0.0 She's right this is reddit.
0.0 Absolutely
0.0 That is very different.