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0.969 I love Jannabi, yes especially May I laugh, such a perfect song and lyric for a show like Drinking Solo, thank you for the suggestion, definitely gonna check it out ^^
0.9535 1% of anything 2016 the 1st ep probably a bit rocky for some people but it makes you really happy for the romance, with so much kisses
0.9382 oh that's nice, I hope you the best and I hope the can active in Korean too,
0.9359 I am excited with this, and I hope it actually good and do well, they do looks so beautiful as in hwarang rumoured to be
0.9298 so this is two pairs, nice and really happy to see chi yeol in a korean show, I hope they all can bring a very lovely performance
0.8922 Sometimes people does let you down but I hope the best for you.
0.8922 I didn't follow them much right now but I'll support them and funnily enough, there's always a song I like so much from them.
0.891 if you did, I think it better to make sure that you care about the wellbeing of the jobs as you care about yourself.
0.8885 Impress with the 1st week, hope it gonna get better, nice opening.
0.863 thank you, I love hikaru no go and this is just so adorable
0.8555 * Cohabitation hijink * When the 2nd lead saw the OTP from apart and burning with jealousy * Friends turn lover and Stranger turns lover

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-0.6652 probably lots of mother in laws and 2nd lead in makjang drama, I can't specify which one I hate the most, but I also have many main lead that I dislike, the villain should have win
-0.6217 Urban Zakapa, "I Don't Love You" thanks, I still listen to this song, even the duet version from duet gayo and the girls spirit version
-0.6124 The other with kangta is about the fake fight in a ceremony when he has to help or get flustered by the situation.
-0.5719 Some people could sympathise with him but you can find tonnes of people who gonna criticised him and the story is about how Seol find this side of him when others can't.
-0.4939 It's sad and Idk if I want to watch it again.
-0.4215 Then she gets baffled but the event greatly show her concern and later told that the boyfriend is just an actor and no the proposal is just a prank.
-0.34 I finally have someone that listen to me after 4 years of denying that it could happen.
-0.3274 I have to say that Moon Lovers is a bad drama and it wasn't about saeguk and not saeguk-drama problem, it just bad,
-0.3071 Hi, I don't really know how to help but can I know how long you've been in a new position? I think you need to wait while listing what bother you about the job and what the future hold you.
-0.296 that seems to be a lot of hours and it gonna exhaust you.
-0.296 I suspect the same, that's how he can enter the hwarang, to be sunwoo
-0.1027 Hyun Bin and Kang Sora already outed just after 15 days, idk what happen