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0.9251 It would feel better if they also an accomplished artist with good song and discography to backed of or really well known outside the kpop niche so I agree, it's not really an achievement for BTS.
0.9136 I agree, gaksital story of the characterization makes sense, it just I can't buy it but in the princess man - the romance is wonderful
0.9126 This is so exciting and I like this vibe so much, my heart is race beside the beat with a smile, it's like the burst of feeling.
0.8888 This sounds frustrating but this is a delight to watch and just executed so good.
0.8807 Tbh I think there's a lucky coincidence happen but I like that they all active in doing their something when they got a clue and a chance.
0.8728 It's perfectly normal, I watch it early when it just aired, before the massive follower and I don't get it, it's good, not bad but there's nothing that intrigued or even make me trust the story line.
0.854 Cho Seung Woo even if I don't really find SP engaging as I've dropped the show, the visual game is really strong.
0.8527 Yes he is in a bad state and we hope to recovery but that doesn't mean attempted suicide or OD in the pill is not a reckless action.
0.8481 If a drama take like 8 ep to get in, it feels like a drama you like because you are familiar with the things that happening, you are adapted to the drama rather than liking the drama.
0.8467 I love sung dong il so much, I am happy that you meet him
0.836 Also, the clothes are awesome, they all wearing fitted clothes and the King's everyday gown is a delightful experience.

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-0.9081 * Secret : They hate each other, misconceptions, her ex killed his ex and she get jailed.
-0.9001 struggling with depression for the 4th year and having suicidal attempt multiple times?
-0.8839 We both not sure but to singlehandedly make anxiety, depression and mental health issue while making the person out of the blame is not sitting right with me like he can't help it when he can.
-0.8807 If you change the subject with suicide or self-harm, yes people are mourning and it still doesn't make the choice of suicide or self-harm is right.
-0.8555 I don't think eating eel is the problem, it's ridiculing the death of the food.
-0.8503 It's absolutely useless and a waste of time to "criticise" someone for self-harm, and makes things even worse for them.
-0.8232 They want to say that other people problem is not better or greater than TOP's problem rn because other people most likely, not a celebrity and lived in South Korea, which imo not related.
-0.7945 If you think the word stupid is bad for TOP, then I'll change it to reckless and it still doesn't make his action right.
-0.7792 He had problems and he needs to take care of his problem but not get defended like being OD is the fault of another person.
-0.7783 The show reminds me of Solomon Perjury : Japanese movie about middle school students that try to make a trial for the death of their classmate in school.
-0.7735 *Ofc opinion is always invalid because of who say it so rather than attack the opinion, let's attack the people*.
-0.7059 Is there any medical proof that he use weed for a health reason? Is there any prove that he attempted suicide because he read the comments?