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0.9753 I hope the script is fun cause Siwon is better at being fun and funny than serious imo while Kang Sora, I honestly think she can do just anything so please, give them a great story.
0.9363 I like the ep and I like that I kinda get the pun but the most fun part is seeing SNSD enjoying themselves, they couldn't stop talking and they talked with the cast.
0.9313 yeah it was a different take but when Jang Ok Jung Live in Love aired and become popular.
0.9208 I remember that Sunny ep is fun so I hope it's more fun cause SNSD has a long history and the members are familiar with them
0.9169 wow, I think it sounds good cause SNSD has 8 member and I hope it's fun
0.9168 wow, he is so versatile, he sings that song really well, wow he is such a good singer
0.9118 **Cdrama:** Nirvana In Fire/Lang Ya Bang, Scarlet Heart, Boss & Me, My Sunshine, Lan Lin Wang, **TW-Drama:** Back to 1989, Down With Love, Drunken to Love You That's all I can remember for now,
0.9081 I can see her being lonely at a time but she also has taken a great care for herself so even if I am not around, I think she'll be fine.
0.875 **Criminal Minds**: finally an improvement, I still have some qualm over the way they draw the conclusion but improvement is an improvement.
0.872 Then I wish you the best luck ^ ^
0.8643 thanks for the little prince, I ended up binge watch NCT and find [mad city live] - that's really good and fun

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-0.9601 He killed people to makes yeok's come, framed and tortured him and then killed him bc he "supposedly wants to kill the king".
-0.91 The problem that people keep complaining is how the drama keep blaming the wrong person [JG] for the problem he didn't do.
-0.8766 Ep 17 separation just broke my heart, it just so sad and heartbreaking.
-0.8674 I can agree with Dan Ahn suggestion to say sorry but I'll flip my table if the drama makes JG say sorry for the accident or make him unredeemable bad guy.
-0.8399 for not be happy in the countryside, it just the improvised version of "your marriage will not be happy cause I never saw a happy one".
-0.836 His plan is only to frame Yeok, make him suffered and kill him then get Chae Kyeong as he knew they cant be separated.
-0.8276 Seven Day Queen is sad so if you don't like sad story, it might be hard to watch it.
-0.8176 Yeonsangun knows he lost that night and then lash out his madness to people who had nothing to do because he is angry, he could be the one that has chae kyeong rn and its not him.
-0.8122 That obstacle is gone! There is always a threat epecially for Queen who has no faction.
-0.8117 I feel like it's an okay ep but it didn't make me laugh so tbh it's disappointing.
-0.81 I am all in to punish the illegal race but the drama ask me to punished jinkyu for the accident and the coma state of the friend, that's too far.
-0.8074 I am tired, indecisive and hurt.