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0.9256 I only have one person irl who watches it and talks about it with me which is my mom lmao so I'm hoping to get more friends into it during the off-season :o)
0.8858 Wow glad you enjoyed it!
0.8777 I feel like that line could've been saved for a situation with more emotional weight, not calling him his first name for the first time lmao
0.87 This was a really big decision to make and I'm happy you feel so good about it and that it turned out well!
0.8689 In my opinion, Frances Halliday from Frances Ha has bpd and her best friend Sophie is her fp
0.8494 Paprika is literally one of my fave films so cool to see it used so effectively
0.8442 love how it ended with darlene hitting us in the face with a bat lmao
0.836 wow great tracks, never listened to Lykke Li before.
0.8338 True but the one crawling across her face was real like that's what I'm trying to wrap my head around lol
0.8128 It's having an excellent 3rd season I wish it had more viewers so I wouldn't be anxious about whether it would get renewed or not.
0.7964 In the part "you snort it like a champ, like the winter we're not in," the way she says the second part making winter and in rhyme is just #iconic.

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-0.716 I guess I'm just scared that what one can do with it isn't original either like what if I'm not the first etc
-0.5413 When the team visits Division 3 and it's left completely destroyed in David's wake while "The Daily Mail" by Radiohead blasts in the background.
-0.3736 if I dink some juice in the middle of the forest and no one was around to see it did I really dink it??
-0.3732 Sorry if this isn't much help
-0.34 Whoa that's crazy that they have an actual live fly crawling on her face in those scenes.
-0.3182 And later when they watch the tape of how David destroyed the place, seeing him use his powers like that was just badass tbh.
-0.3089 Also didn't harmony korine take part in writing this song?
-0.2755 Personally I'd just prefer that Bernard is 100% human and not a host I guess, just don't agree with that theory.
-0.2732 It says the video has been blocked because of copyright?
-0.2481 Sunday seriously can't come any faster!
-0.2023 when she smiles I Die
-0.2023 And they were breaking into empty apartment complexes to rest in.