/u/peppers_taste_bad is kind of a dick.

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0.9246 Yeah thank goodness we won't have to deal with any Religious Freedom Restoration Acts or something like that ever again.
0.8625 Then I go to the aisle that has the decorative hand soap containers as I figure people buying decorative hand soap containers may also buy hand soap and for convenience they may be in the same spot.
0.86 Maybe he could pay in the form of a tax so that the best individuals cans go to the best schools, rather than just kids whose parents have enough money?
0.7783 Since I have heard absolutely nothing about it I decided to pass but, as everyone else, would love to hear SOMETHING about it.
0.7096 I'm pretty sure losing interest in Korn is a right of passage.
0.6486 I thought maybe a different area code or something but her friend lived in the same town as me.
0.6249 Great video.
0.6124 When white people get wet they smell like dog, not that white people smell like wet dogs. That's what I meant to say
0.5994 I am a beautiful person.
0.5574 While playing rigs if I adjust myself and I notice someone walking by I start hoping they didn't see me.
0.5563 Got a fee different flavors and it turned out I really enjoyed a light fruity taste.

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-0.8995 Oh god I just knew I was going to wander into quicksand some day and die the slowest, most agonizing death imaginable.
-0.8957 I'm a racist pervert and I just get harassed by cops
-0.8916 Because I want to take a drink and tell my cat to stop fucking petting me it's too damn distracting and FFS IT IS NOT TIME TO FEED YOU!
-0.8807 It wasn't picked but some stupid girl in my class got her stupid color name picked though.
-0.8316 Did he witness a horrible tree-felling accident and has difficulties?
-0.8119 I fucking hate peppers so goddamn much.
-0.8069 This occurred every few days or so for about a month and I felt so bad for her I answered every time so I could tell her she was calling the wrong number.
-0.802 Though fuck money changers. It was everyone after who took that to mean hate them.
-0.7964 I had other problems with this guy as well so when I got home if I caped I would think of him and get enraged and it would ruin my night.
-0.7506 And everyday I wake up to being smacked in the dick with how wrong I am.
-0.7435 One day I figured out if I didn't vape I could relax. So I guess what I'm saying is find someone who vapes AND annoys you so much you're at risk of a brain aneurysm and then just emulate them.
-0.7432 They are not saying anyone who is not an intellectual is fascist.