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0.9668 Thanks for making this free, I would of happily paid for this, I loved Apollo 11 so much so this looks great!
0.9274 Okay great thanks for the help, i thought that may be the case :)
0.9274 I'd much rather save my coins for incubators :) That being said if they do another double xp event then that will be the time I buy a lucky egg and grind through those pidgey candies :)
0.9256 I also felt a little motion sick but I am really susceptible to it, the comfort movement did help, I really liked being able to pull myself around, made me feel like an astronaut!
0.9186 I guess its not relevant to everyone but I thought the title would help nvm :) yeah man, if they can improve the paint tool then it'd be unstoppable
0.9108 :) I'm sure you've already seen them but the Oculus Medium Artist Spotlight videos are seriously great to learn from too! I used the screen recorder built into Nvidia Experience :)
0.9042 I choose to get a curve great throw :) Just practise getting curve great throws, take your time and wait for the circle to be the right size
0.9027 Yeah I'm loving Medium so much, makes creating in 3D so much more fluid and fun.
0.8916 yeah so awesome, I've only had two sensors so gonna get my third sensor for roomscale now :D
0.886 this is also a good idea :) Although this might only strengthen bubble strat players, but still I think it's a better solution than currently, I just think gyms really need more diversity.
0.8805 great thanks that's good to know!

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-0.7497 In big citys you still have level problems, if a gym has all 3k+ mons a casual can't join in anyway, there is no avoiding that since high level players will always rule gyms.
-0.7114 I can't help but feel jealous of the people who live on that 3 regional line!
-0.4976 I don't want a Black Mirror scenario where you are forced to watch an ad and it can tell when you are looking away.
-0.4767 thats a shame, I would think they'd make them common for tourists.
-0.4767 whats wrong with the price, just checked the PS store and its 16.
-0.4019 I had the same problem, I don't think you can anymore
-0.34 Yeah I heard they worked with Weta too and Disney for Star Wars content
-0.34 Keeps happening every 10 mins or so on android 7 with latest update :/
-0.296 Strangely I get a lot of ice types in the UK.
-0.296 Stop stirring.
-0.2648 :p its hard to look at reference material in VR so completely missed that!
-0.2481 Seriously cant wait for this update!