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0.9001 It does seem pretty popular with UK trainers mainly for the price reason, so hope they don't get in trouble.
0.9001 oh great I must of missed that with all the excitement, thanks :)
0.8807 good luck, make sure you post a link to the oculus experience page once it goes live so we can all buy it :)
0.873 haha yeah I'm not agreeing with it but I'm just trying to say you can replicate the 'auto-catch' with the official device. I'm listening to everyone, thanks for commenting :)
0.8603 very true, thanks :) I think I'm gonna hold off all together for now.
0.8555 Being able to buy them in bulk discounts like lucky eggs would be awesome
0.8511 :) This is all for fun so the more the merrier
0.8495 ah thats really cool :) cheers
0.8398 thanks, this looks like a lot of fun!
0.8316 thanks thats good to know :)
0.8286 Well once you hit level 35 you are about 1/3 of the way to level 40 in terms of xp :D

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-0.8897 Yeah which is fair enough but it's more of the worry of being banned I think is the problem for me and others, since the device is more tempting than the Go+.
-0.8715 how weird, so did I a few weeks ago, hurt so bad!
-0.774 Assuming we all understand broadly speaking ToS legal talk isn't really customer friendly just give us a 'yes you can use that' or 'no you might get caught in a anti cheating ban-wave'.
-0.7579 just from the looks of it's only after they have been battled, but we really don't know yet if there is a 'decay' like in Ingress Edit: Sorry I was wrong, it does decay over time.
-0.7096 I've asked in my local Facebook groups but no one knows of one unfortunately.
-0.6996 Gorillaz was the first album I bought with my pocket money when I was 10!   How do you feel about that strange guy Damon stealing your spotlight at the live shows?
-0.6705 How do you feel about that strange guy Damon stealing your spotlight at the live shows?
-0.6704 Yeah I'm kinda scared too, I was on 900/1000 in training and got distracted by this event to bother training up gyms!
-0.659 I've been getting it non stop, very frustrating.
-0.6486 I get it when my character is standing dead still and I'm sat at home, or when I'm just walking around normally.
-0.5945 I mean can it really be considered cheating when its a clone of a device that already exists officially?
-0.4927 remember this is also translated so the wording might sound more harsh than it was said.