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0.9186 I guess its not relevant to everyone but I thought the title would help nvm :) yeah man, if they can improve the paint tool then it'd be unstoppable
0.9042 I choose to get a curve great throw :) Just practise getting curve great throws, take your time and wait for the circle to be the right size
0.8852 So I finished playing Wilson's Heart on Tuesday and I loved the art style so much I just had to do a small tribute to an awesome VR game!
0.8807 good luck, make sure you post a link to the oculus experience page once it goes live so we can all buy it :)
0.8748 I used to love my Poliwrath, was a great gym defender!
0.8588 Awesome, Came out great!
0.8495 ah thats really cool :) cheers
0.8126 If you join the official Oculus forums they have a friend list going there too :) https://forums.oculus.com/community
0.8085 well the devs of the game can choose to turn it on so just avoid those games :) Probably gonna be the 'free to play' style games.
0.8038 Gonna be wearing it to the Demon Dayz festival :D
0.8004 Yeah so excited :)

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-0.8715 how weird, so did I a few weeks ago, hurt so bad!
-0.7114 I can't help but feel jealous of the people who live on that 3 regional line!
-0.7096 I've asked in my local Facebook groups but no one knows of one unfortunately.
-0.659 I've been getting it non stop, very frustrating.
-0.6486 I get it when my character is standing dead still and I'm sat at home, or when I'm just walking around normally.
-0.5859 I got my first causality from it yesterday, A Venusaur disappeared on me :(
-0.4976 I don't want a Black Mirror scenario where you are forced to watch an ad and it can tell when you are looking away.
-0.4927 remember this is also translated so the wording might sound more harsh than it was said.
-0.4767 thats a shame, I would think they'd make them common for tourists.
-0.4767 whats wrong with the price, just checked the PS store and its 16.
-0.4404 that's frustrating, you should contact Twisted Pixel Games and see what they say
-0.4215 *Shakes fist angrily at inner ears*