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0.9735 I really like this idea and can help inspire something to do in Medium :) I think a weekly comp will be best, and I guess prizes can be donated if people are feeling generous!
0.9393 hahaha, now that would of been depressing but a good dark comedy joke :P
0.9258 Haha yeah i just got in the zone too much :p cool hope it goes well!!
0.902 :p got a 970, overclocked i5, 16GB of RAM :) never noticed any lag while sculpting so performance was great!
0.8936 Hope this works on Touch soon, looks so fun haha!
0.888 Although I guess prizes aren't guaranteed. It will probably be a good idea to cross post this on the official Oculus Forums as well, I'd be happy to post them over there if you don't want too.
0.8658 For IVs they could all have the same IVs like starters do when you first play :) The moveset could be where you get lucky or not.
0.8653 Yeah its really great way to find information and helpful people!
0.8648 really beautiful :) Edit: You should share this over here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtual.paintings/
0.8555 Ah yeah, pump up the resolution on the layer you are using before you place a stamp, Id recommend testing after each time you up the res :) Also sculpting bigger will help keep the res higher
0.8503 Oooo awesome, so glad you're going to be adding that feature!

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-0.6476 No worries!
-0.6476 no worries!
-0.5994 There are no problems I can see with doing it, most people have permanent setup for Touch so they don't have to re-config.
-0.5542 Gonna be so many dick drawings
-0.4868 The only time it 'lagged' was after i took the pictures and it was saving them so no issues for me!
-0.4709 but all my clothes fit me loose or not :P
-0.4215 I'm still struggling to get the skin material right in Medium, anyone got any tips?
-0.4199 That sucks!
-0.4015 I didnt know that, thanks for the tip!
-0.1321 The gif wasn't easy to make, used nvidia screen recorder :) the video recorder in medium isnt ready to export yet
-0.0516 hmmm strange, did you try selecting the option for 'single' so it only puts down the stamp once instead of you being able to drag it like a brush?
-0.0516 So for example for the grass I dragged around a stamp in the shape of a single blade of grass.