/u/pategras is kind of a dick.

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0.9141 Id love to do it for someone who actually gets off on it, but I love my girl and wouldnt want to hurt her.
0.7992 They will accept your lease without collateral property, but will take advantage of this fact and charge you handsomely for it.
0.7964 Id like to give you a truly sincere opinion.
0.7096 There is nothing for you guys to see, and if you want to party buenos aires will be much much better for that.
0.7096 Yes, they pretty much will.
0.5423 El tema es asi: Partimos de la base de que, en principio, la Corte Suprema de nuestra nacin es el tribunal superior del pas.
0.5106 Most 30 year olds are busy getting drunk with family and friends; there isn't a whole lot of partying going on in the "sex, drugs and rock and roll" kind of way unless you wanna hit on 22 year olds.
0.4939 Its where you will find the nicest places for tourists.
0.4404 3: pick a safe destination.
0.4215 Yo tambien usaba unblock.us El quilombo que se arm cuando dej de funcionar con netflix fue genial.
0.4019 It is definitely not a deal breaker for me.

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-0.8316 The worst part is that HS probably lurks around here, and has to take this kind of assinine comments every freaking day.
-0.8187 And if you dont want to pay...then you can choose to live in "microcentro" and die of unhappiness shorly after.
-0.7412 Dont walk around with a laptop case that screams "Steal my imac!!!".
-0.7003 Por suerte pagaba mes a mes y no pague ni 2 das sin servicio.
-0.6808 Pero, simplemente, no te preocupes por quedar como que no sabs, y ped ayuda en una artstica....y no gastes mucho.
-0.6808 Que no est blanca no significa que no tiene origen.
-0.6486 Ms all de si es as en todo el mundo o no, es terrible.
-0.6486 Si no entends lo terrible, que mal la debes pasar en el laburo, negro.
-0.6249 No hablo en graffitero :(
-0.6022 Evita: We seriously couldnt give less of a fuck.
-0.5574 Creo que es innegable que el gobierno tiene que tomar una posicin y establecer un lmite concreto, porque sin el, la vida en convivencia se hace imposible.
-0.5574 Es mejor una hoja ms pesada, pero sin irte a las hojas de 300 grs que son para acuarela y suelen ser demasiado porosas.