/u/pategras is kind of a dick.

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0.6894 Its the countrys biggest university, and whats most important, its public and totally free.
0.6369 A few of the best are "universidad Torcuato Di tella", Universidad de San Andres", "Universidad Austral" and "Universidad del CEMA".
0.6048 We feel so strongly about the matter that we, a tipically tolerant people, will not stand for it.
0.5994 Es un trabajo super repetitivo y poco tiene que ver con lo que estudiaste.
0.5106 But its all pretty much a matter of opinion.
0.4215 But have heard of many cases of normal people becoming true sadists.
0.4215 A lot of people would argue that it is the best school on the country, and many others think otherwise.
0.3875 So there isnt much to fear.
0.3612 I have heard of only 2 incidents like this one in my country, Argentina, in over 30 years.
0.3612 "I like it when you call me big poppa...bear"
0.3612 There are a few, there is like an Ivy tier and it depends on what you are studying.

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-0.7845 Because being homeless doesnt mean you are a criminal, you ass.
-0.7845 more random people got abducted and tortured.
-0.7506 I wish I could tell you that, but prison is no fairy-tale world.
-0.7003 Si Lzaro Bez ayud a conectar Argentina y en el proceso se rob 500 palos, yo como redditor promedio, no lo puedo criticar ?
-0.5574 Es casi imposible que la gente las siga usando hasta que las 8 quedan sin pedales, con la cadena salida, los frenos desconectados, las ruedas pinchadas y etc.
-0.5574 Las buenas como OSDE pagan muy bien, pero es casi imposible entrar sin contactos y un muy buen curriculum.
-0.5574 El ejemplo que te puse es el de Lazaro Baez, que hizo muchsimo con sus constructoras...y rob muchsimo ms.
-0.5574 And since, in turn, those persons were tortured until they gave some type of information, guess what?
-0.5423 Btw, why the fuck are you speaking english when we both speak spanish?
-0.5423 It has been tracked down to bad hygiene practices by new residents.
-0.5267 El problema es que no hay una forma simple de conseguir pacientes si no conoces personas que te puedan recomendar.
-0.5267 El disyuntor va a saltar tengas o no tengas tierra cuando haya un cable haciendo masa, ya que la conduccion la va a hacer a traves del cable a tierra si est bien puesto o a traves de tu cuerpo si no.