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0.9348 5/5 Super nice mayor who was super generous and gave me a persimmon, the fruit I've been trying to track down for the longest time!
0.9022 I second /u/vocaloid_mayu - if you change your town's fruit but don't replace your old perfect fruit trees, they will remain your old perfect fruit trees.
0.9009 That's totally fine, just let me know when you're ready! *I've added you and my gates are open - I'm gonna rummage for dinner but feel free to pop in whenever :)
0.8748 I'd be happy to give you bells for it, too :) I'm glad you found her!
0.8508 Thank you so much, thank would be wonderful!
0.8008 You need to replace those trees with your new chosen perfect fruit trees, if you don't want any trees with your old perfect fruit on them.
0.7959 I'll need to open up a new thread because of the new three-trade subreddit rule, but I'd love to trade - I'll tag you when I have it up!
0.7901 5/5 Super nice, very smooth trade! https://www.reddit.com/r/AdoptMyVillager/comments/5bezl3/ft_amiibo_villagers_feat_marshall_bob_tia_and/
0.7841 I absolutely love your take on arcane professions and the bits of folklore you're giving us about this world.
0.7776 but I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all."
0.7713 *[Here's one more great Jim Lang piece from the original show]

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.636 No problem!
-0.5255 Terrible time to decide to start a bucket list!
-0.5093 Got an error - reopening the gates, sorry about that!
-0.4767 We got to pick the sport, then design an ad campaign for our fake accessory brand.
-0.4574 Of course--no problem at all!
-0.4404 Where there's a Krill, there's a way :(
-0.4228 Kinda disappointed there isn't a literal bikini option.
-0.4184 Heheh no prob!!
-0.4003 No problem, thank you!
-0.4003 No problem, thank you for trading!
-0.25 In college we had to create fake brands for sports-related accessories.
-0.25 No problem at all - [here's a poster for the Fond du Lac County Jane Doe].