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0.9077 oh wow, I love this fit!!!
0.8897 <3 You look so great in layers. Don't worry.
0.88 Eeee, congrats and good luck!!!
0.8765 Not suit every day while they're in ratty jeans, but more along the lines of a nice, well fitting shirt or a nice blouse.
0.8643 It's very beautiful and I love it.
0.8442 They have a strong flow to them. Honestly, that last look was one of my favorites.
0.8433 Congrats, you look amazing!!!
0.8271 <3 I'm glad he's improving.
0.8176 I also stayed in a pretty nice hotel so coming down the elevator looking like that got some stares.
0.8176 Save that for the people who matter. With dressing--I've found as a lady in my peer group, I get the best results if I dress a couple points above the guys.
0.8172 Haha, I love it!

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-0.8578 I was challenged to wear Actual Pants so I'm TRYING REALLY HARD BUT UGH.
-0.8529 That's really, really really upsetting to me and I'm having a hard time dealing with how much I really hate my body right now.
-0.7903 I [like how it looks down], but [when I hawk it up, I'm not sure I love it.]
-0.764 I've been crazy sick, so I've been terrible about actually taking pictures or doing much more than surviving the day.
-0.7583 I went shopping for pants and have realized how much weight I've gained since my late husband got so sick and died.
-0.7579 But holy shit I can make me miserable when I want to.
-0.7469 That's where I'm kind of falling--I like the roots, but I worry they look uneven and messy with my hair is up.
-0.745 There are several shops that repurpose BDUs and they can look REALLY killer.
-0.7235 Oh man, I have been SO SICK.
-0.7113 I'm so so so so sick of it.
-0.6124 It's basically an emotional temper tantrum for me.