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0.9391 Thank you all for this, most of these replies were very helpful and I'm gonna try my best to get over it haha, I'll take all of this into account- thank you all so much !
0.9201 I'm actually in a call with a group of friends right now that've been doing a great job of supporting me through the whole thing, haha.
0.9161 He's super fun to play and a useful support :) I'm not that good at Overwatch yet but whenever I play him I seem to die a lot less often which is nice haha
0.8781 That's super amazing omg, can't imagine how frustrating it must've been to get right
0.8728 Cat expert here ROFL, he definitely looks like a Snowshoe to me!
0.8409 oh gee i think i literally just played a match with you LOL, i totally agree though!
0.8402 I don't really use this site that much at all and I wanted to show how much I appreciated the help haha
0.8313 the Binding of Isaac is sososo fun and i'd definitely recommend buying it!
0.8217 I'm not that good at tab yet so being able to play through a tab song seamlessly is a big achievement for me at least imo LOL Really looking foreward to moving onto more challenging ones <3
0.8172 I saw your band name and was immediately reminded of Absent Elk haha, I love your music though!
0.8146 I've checked inside the gfx folder in the screenshot as well and it doesn't look like there's any subfolders there either. Thank you for what you're doing so far btw ha, I really appreciate it!

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-0.8225 I had no idea that was a bad thing :( Do you think if I tried verifying everything that it might fix it? Here's the [inside of the resources folder] anyway.
-0.8118 i'd probably just give it a miss in that case either way though since lag can really ruin immersion for some people aha, unless you don't mind that!
-0.6188 I think it might be because my Program Files folders are a little funky but I'm not too sure ha.
-0.5994 A command window just popped up before going away with no error messages so I guess that's probably it?
-0.4019 holy shit, definitely Life is Strange.
-0.296 There doesn't seem to be anything missing from it as far as I know, though.
-0.2732 I'm thinking about sucking it up and waiting if there is because the last thing I want to do is accidentally brick my DS ;;
-0.1759 It wasn't just a casual hookup or anything like that- she literally lied about having feelings for someone else and left it up to me to find out on my own.
-0.1513 Dude, are you fucking serious?
-0.1027 literally no other game i've played has affected me that much.
-0.0173 shit man me too LOL
0.0 Ahh, right.