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0.7684 This "other" category might get big, but that is also a great indicator that there are a lot of maps.
0.7574 If you find something interesting and make a dataviz of it make sure to share it here!
0.7269 Trying to visualize the map usage in TF2 without doing this does sound like a fun challenge though.
0.7184 Feel free to come back if you find another data visualzation you find interesting.
0.7088 Please come back and share that as well!
0.7064 And I guess I should realize that 30 minutes a day is better than 0 so it's not a failure if I don't spend longer time than that.
0.6908 Just needs to be presented in a better way for easier readability and understanding.
0.6808 Having a family, and moving out of the city centrum, while some of my closest friends does not this is why I feel like I see them less and less.
0.6786 I'd just like too have the year on the x-axis so it's easier to see the trend and changes over time.
0.6705 Please include which tool was used to create the visualization as well
0.6705 Please edit in which tool you used to create the visualization as well.

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-0.6124 No worries.
-0.4157 It's not a great feeling to be honest since I've then planned this for a week, and now we need to find another day which isn't as easy as before.
-0.3612 It is borderline spam, and not suitable for this subreddit.
-0.34 Post stays removed, and you are hereby given a warning about not plagiarism other peoples work which is not tolerated in this subreddit.
-0.34 Unfortunately this posts doesn't fall within our rules in this sub.
-0.2411 Post removed for not linking to original source.
-0.2411 Post has been removed for not being the original source of this visualization.
-0.1511 But perhaps it's not that important to show all maps having 0,01% of the player base.
0.0 However, your submission was removed for the following reasons:
0.0 Holy, that is a lot of maps!
0.0 Must have been a massive job generating it.
0.0 Is this just the community servers?