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0.9468 As a static image I think I prefer the line chart, but the interactivity in the one by NYT is just excellent and makes it easier to highlight interesting years.
0.8316 For 2016 his looked like this: https://i.redd.it/djlkxkzx6iay.gif I think both are excellent and provides a clear view of the data.
0.7682 You are more than welcome to share that link. If you don't like our rules you are more than welcome to walk away.
0.7351 Even though your sources are in the image, please include them in your comment as well for easier accessibility.
0.7184 That means that if you would like to share this graph you need to post the original article from NYT.
0.6808 Feel free to post the original article from NYT
0.6808 Feel free to repost with another title. For information regarding this and similar issues please see the [posting guidelines].
0.6705 Please edit in which tool you used to create the visualization as well and I will reapprove your post.
0.6597 If I see a great landscape photo I want to know where it is, and perhaps even got there myself one day.
0.6255 I find these numbers so surprising as well.
0.6239 /r/datasets will probably like this! For information regarding this and similar issues please see the [posting guidelines].

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-0.5207 If the visualization comes directly from an app this does not apply as original content on /r/dataisbeautiful unfortunately. From our wiki:
-0.4767 Hi /u/duncangeere, Your link seems to be broken.
-0.4215 Yeah, the delay is a bit annoying.
-0.3612 I can't see myself they have hard coded in a delay of say 0,5 seconds. It does say something about the user experience we expect though when a 1 sec delay seems like such a big deal.
-0.3182 Can you elaborate a bit on what factors you isolated and how you did it?
-0.296 No need to do that.
-0.25 If the visualization features spatial data, geographic position alone is not sufficient.
-0.2411 Post has been removed for not linking original source of the visualisation.
0.0 However, your submission was removed for the following reasons:
0.0 This seems to have been caught by our bot.
0.0 This really needs some labaling, and a title.
0.0 Speaking from experience your visualization needs to be able to speak for itself what it is showing.