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0.8834 Hopefully you will see that you can do a lot of fun stuff with Tableau as you get more experience which will be able to provide good value for you company.
0.8241 D3 is not the easiest tool to master, but can create some great results.
0.8016 It would probably be very interesting to look at differences between work and f.ex best firend/spouse/parents as you suggest.
0.7684 This "other" category might get big, but that is also a great indicator that there are a lot of maps.
0.7574 If you find something interesting and make a dataviz of it make sure to share it here!
0.7269 Trying to visualize the map usage in TF2 without doing this does sound like a fun challenge though.
0.7184 Even though it is clear by the link, please include the tool you have used to create the visualization in your comment for others to see.
0.7088 Please come back and share that as well!
0.6908 Just needs to be presented in a better way for easier readability and understanding.
0.69 Make sure to post it here if you make something you're proud of!
0.69 I agree that would have been useful!

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-0.4404 Can you point out what is making your eyes freak out?
-0.4157 It's not a great feeling to be honest since I've then planned this for a week, and now we need to find another day which isn't as easy as before.
-0.4019 Tried to take it through a color blind simulator online.
-0.3182 The boring answer in my opinion is: It depends.
-0.296 Posts regarding American Politics, and contentious topics in American media, are only permissible on Thursdays . Post has been removed.
-0.2411 Post removed for not linking to original source.
-0.2187 100% agree that for direct comparison of numbers this is not the best visualization.However, that is 100% on purpose.
-0.1779 This article was a weird one.
-0.1761 Some things I have realized by the comments in this thread: * Context is really hard on Reddit.
-0.1511 But perhaps it's not that important to show all maps having 0,01% of the player base.
-0.1333 Sure some people with bad eyes may struggle, but they all know how to zoom. Please don't create something that makes zooming in to see the numbers a necessity.
-0.0772 Sorry about that.