/u/ok2bxtrm69 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9168 That was one lucky stranger we should all be honored to kik someone as sexy and stunning as you!
0.916 Incredible, but your name is notbootypics and there is clearly signs of a great booty in this album ;) Keep it up!
0.8777 ;) It's perfect I love how your tight lil pussy is just peeking out at us to say hi!
0.8747 "Here's your one chance Fancy don't let me doowwwnn" :D So seductive and sexy!
0.8016 Good morning gorgeous!
0.7901 I love your smile!
0.7901 they are truly amazing!
0.7901 I just love your smile!
0.788 Please verify her so we can enjoy more ;)
0.784 Awesome album, thank you!
0.7777 Yes you're looking amazing!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5267 no no don't get up
-0.4926 I can see how it is frustrating!
-0.2942 They'd say damn that girl is fine!
-0.2481 Then again I feel for him that's a toughie!
-0.2263 I know a couple of things you could smother for me ;)
-0.1531 should I bury my face or my cock in there first?
-0.1531 what would you say are your skills miss?
0.0 Not me no...
0.0 it's an urge!
0.0 can't wait to see more!
0.0 Cumminng right over babygirl!
0.0 Don't let me be a bother...