/u/ocxergalen is very positive!

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0.9513 Yeah, It happen in Normals too, but in like 9/10 ARAM I loose they say GG EASY xD.
0.9062 Im happy now :) http://puu.sh/8VydP/09ea890a4e.png ty BTW :)
0.8749 lol Wow can this be most upvoted today :P
0.8733 Thanks! This was a project built mainly by my dad and brother, but also help from some friends.
0.8689 I play because I love this game and want to get better at it.
0.8625 Its still nice to win, even if its only ARAM :)
0.8091 Haha yeah :P
0.8034 Very good video dude :D
0.7964 Love the grip <3
0.7944 LOL in every game I loose ARAM, the other team say GG Easy.
0.7925 Haha me too :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7089 hahah WTF??
-0.5719 I hate him.......
-0.5423 Too bad you can't do this over the portal in survival -_-
-0.5106 Angry Bird Heimer?
-0.4939 Stolen video.
-0.4767 Poor Taric...
-0.4404 They're taking his gemz :(
-0.4153 Im trying not play ranked if i know i got bad internet, but at the end of the season...
-0.3818 Battlefield 3 on Steam?
-0.3412 not funny at all 0.
-0.34 Dat GP nerf :/
-0.25 I Lost all BP items + my name is now the number 0.