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0.9222 I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm sure that these beauties brought your dad happiness!!
0.9168 You two sound like a lovely match and I wish you both much happiness!
0.906 He is a perfectly coordinated, super social, and playful cat!
0.9041 I'm sorry for your loss but I hope it warms your heart to know you gave Maggie a joy filled life!
0.8999 It's always good to be a little wary at first, but that is wonderful if he stays true to his word!
0.8977 Congrats on everything, best of luck!
0.8908 You seem like a wonderfully mature girl and you handled this situation really well.
0.8436 Me too, but how could we not get lost in pictures of such beautiful cats!
0.8016 You're super cute!
0.7959 Did your older brother have a poor experience with your parents? Wish you the best of luck in the future!
0.7901 I love that smile!

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-0.8777 It would be a shame to have your relationship with Kyle to suffer even more damage because of them.
-0.8675 It seems like my opinion is not the most popular here but I would never want my boyfriend to continue to spend such money over an accident, especially after the damages have been covered.
-0.8519 I'll be devastated if Bronn is dead
-0.7299 I live alone with my very rambunctious 2-year-old cat and it is very very hard and frustrating at times.
-0.6486 It might be too late unfortunately :(
-0.5859 Poor Tyrion was shaking in his boots during that whole dialogue
-0.5106 Sorry if I came across as rude above.
-0.4767 Sad that I have to wait for the September bag to get it.
-0.4003 It drives me crazy how people do not understand that cats are social and attention requiring animals!
-0.296 No, he's supposed to be 19.
-0.2859 Like I said, I haven't looked into the topic too much so I might be wrong!
-0.2516 I almost gagged