/u/ocbsfilledwithtrees is kind of a dick.

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0.5267 well that's fair enough
0.4926 stay safe!
0.4754 he even said "earlier COD", which is completely true.
0.4235 I know that this is basically audio only, but I think it deserves a bigger audience than the ~2k subs of /r/hearpeopledie, kinda like the windshield brick
0.3182 You sure have a lot of time to reply to all of this for someone who is "on the go"
0.2023 [here's a dive from top to bottom]
0.0361 the jumping power of a human cannot cancel out the falling velocity of the hot air balloon.
0.0 i'm running 4x 280x vapor-x at 760kh/s each: 1045/1490 @ 1.143, latest cgminer on bamt 1.2, intensity 13, worksize 512, thread-concurrency 8192, gpu-powertune -20
0.0 [insurgency]
0.0 [case closed]
0.0 so relevant just 1 week later...

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-0.7805 no need to shit on people who don't play after your made up "honor" rules.
-0.7717 the wingsuit video is fake as shit, that's not possible
-0.7219 parachuting is not as easy as it looks, you'd probably have an off-heading opening due to bad body position, not enough drag in the first few seconds to correct bad rotations for a clean pull.
-0.7184 searched for "utility pole" before posting, blame people for choosing shitty titles
-0.5994 if he had stayed and burned to death I'd classify it as "murder" or "terrorism" or whatever .
-0.5719 stop playing dumb.
-0.5574 shit summary
-0.3818 what about trump's unsecured asshole..
-0.3818 no stay-wokes to save him, shit effort.
-0.3612 prude america strikes again.
-0.357 that was a skydive, not a base jump :)
-0.357 Because it's not possible :) [click]