/u/obviouslypicard is kind of a dick.

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0.8947 He made the all-star game way more interesting and fun and handled the entire situation perfectly.
0.8176 Have played almost an entire days worth and love it.
0.8166 So my friend was learning a lot of useful techniques that transferred well into the ranked modes.
0.7906 Pretty sure a guy like that has a gun in his truck he can easily grab.
0.7184 Using "mate" there seemed perfectly fine to me.
0.6908 blacklivesmatterTOO Words are important and making sure you are coming across in a clear and concise way goes a long way in that, otherwise you have...
0.6808 I kind of went through the same thing with a friend of mine who played similar to what you describe.
0.6705 Go play un-ranked with your friends then.
0.6369 If your message is only clear to half the people then your message isn't clear enough.
0.6124 She was indeed the shit.
0.5859 Wow, I can't believe I never made that connection before.

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-0.9201 If people had the ability to just up and die there wouldn't need to be assisted suicides. There are thousands of people suffering and wanting to die all over the world who continue to suffer.
-0.9078 I have no problem with people complaining but that doesn't mean I will respect people going overboard trying to ruin everyone's experience.
-0.8601 Star Wars I-II-III, Indiana Jones 4, Terminator is a wash, Aliens has more bad than good, Rocky 3 & V+, Godfather 3, Hobbit 2/3, Die Hard 4+, etc...
-0.8591 No, that was just a double episode in Voyager where it was the "Year of Hell" in which Seven caused Tuvok to lose his eyesight.
-0.8555 Just a scumbag who will find other ways of being a scumbag.
-0.8555 When I was in high-school my economics teacher told the class that the punishment for a DUI accident is worse than a hit and run.
-0.8409 Attacking innocent people IS WRONG! Fucking coward.
-0.8225 For me it is brutal in any game where people have the ridiculously stupid heart boosts.
-0.7906 No problem, major dipshit.
-0.7717 Loud mouths who spew shit deserve to have their games ruined too.
-0.7269 It is ridiculous that it is a 15 minute ban only.
-0.7177 Keep up the good work, fuck the vile players!