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0.9042 To be perfectly honest, very few men I've been with have been able to give me the pleasure I can give myself.
0.8932 thanks :) glad you like it!
0.8832 thank you :) glad you like them!
0.8597 haha I'm not sure everyone would agree with you, but thank you :) usually if it's this short, it's because I came before I really intended to...
0.8516 wow, yes, thank you!
0.8508 Haha I could never claim to be normal in any way, shape or form, so I'm glad there are people who appreciate that!
0.8398 :) haha that's definitely not the one I get most often!
0.8398 ha yeah well sometimes I mumble in the throes of passion!
0.8313 thank you :) haha I don't know how you'd get more close-up though!
0.807 well thanks :) you should check out my post history or /r/officialnyldy !
0.7824 I'm glad you think so :)

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-0.8402 Some fucked up shit
-0.802 This just made up for my shitty day, and the shitty kids at the pharmacy.
-0.7959 I was just DTF at a resort and my last night I got drunk, danced and fucked a guy from California!
-0.6486 sadly I doubt he'll ever know
-0.5719 I've got a terrible crush.
-0.4939 hell no hahaha
-0.4588 It's been banned in tons of countries.
-0.4404 Sometimes I worry it gets boring...
-0.4003 Sometimes I'll have a mini orgasm when I do that..but I still build to a crazy finish!
-0.357 This isn't about a man haha this is about me.
-0.3367 Because the 'joke' is "look how smart and nerdy these guys are!" Which is really dumb.
-0.2401 I was not prepared for how long it stayed in my head!