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0.9042 It had the best of what Black Mirror has to offer, leaving the trashy trinkets behind. Plus, I dearly love Mackenzie Davis and the 80's.
0.8658 Pretty sure a lot of people in the Quagmire felt love once too. How is that any different than real life?
0.8555 Then we'd make glorious, muddy love on the heated floor of that hut he made that one time, and I'd bear and raise his muddy babies.
0.8481 Sexual attraction to a handsome, semi-naked guy is "weird"? I'm glad I don't live in your world.
0.8126 **OR,** maybe he'll get lucky and the next Yorkie-type he runs into will be straight, and they'll be happy for a time/forever.
0.802 Best of luck with that class action suit.
0.7964 Well that definitely wasn't me: in fact, the show got kudos from me for how much their lesbianism wasn't a thing.
0.7783 One can train a dog to happily respect one's boundaries so that they interact with you on your terms as a matter of course. TL;DR - I'm the only cat allowed in my house.
0.7579 Using the same logic, one could just as easily argue that permanent San Juniperians are all destined to fall in love and have a deep, meaningful relationship.
0.7372 This, I agree, is an interestig question posed by the episode...the MOST interesting one, actually.
0.7003 After all, there are at least four characters in the episode depicted as having at one point in time or another enough emotional depth to possibly fall in love: Wes, Davis, Kelly, and Yorkie.

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-0.91 To say that heat is used to combat the illness is as incorrect as saying pain is used to combat illness, neither of which is correct.
-0.8807 You read what I wrote, but your reading comprehension is poor, opening up gaps for your faulty mind reading to fill in with errors.
-0.8805 While someone who does not practice using their mind and has received no formal training in critical thinking may appear stupid, that does not mean they don't have great untapped potential.
-0.8519 This is a LOCAL phenomenon; in joints, wounds, and anywhere that tissue faces damage as the result of infection, irritation, or trauma.
-0.8297 It really is a shitty, shitty episode.
-0.7579 Unfortunately for the show's writers, no analog exists in reality, making it all rather meaningless.
-0.743 Now go die in a fire, why don't ya?
-0.7096 Because if you do, you'll see that it's a stupid argument period.
-0.6836 Me not caring to spend more of my time arguing that fact with people ill-equipped to even understand the question doesn't change it either.
-0.6808 Inflammation is signaled by the classical signs of heat, pain, redness, swelling, and loss of function.
-0.6486 Why no cone of shame?
-0.6486 Anti-intellectual /= intrinsically stupid.