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0.8074 We are far better off with at least the pretense of having a chance of justice than we would be in a place where the rule of law doesn't exist.
0.8074 Shower BJs, on the other hand, are awesome.
0.7096 At least if you have healthy food on hand, you'll eat it sometimes, e.g.
0.7056 You are very lucky we like you.
0.701 You, in common fashion, turned it into some sort of great debate in your mind, casting yourself as some hero in a battle in which you were largely tilting at windmills.
0.6908 Apples and oranges; they are equally good in their respective genres.
0.6597 It's true that some of the people who know exactly how to protect their health still won't.
0.6369 nevermind that quoting a result, as you claim to have in your original post, is NOT better than providing a complete citation.  
0.6341 It is certainly not out of spite.
0.6136 Surely not the person whose every reply in this thread stipulates without argument?
0.6119 The ASVAB isn't hard to score a perfect on.

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-0.8442 This thread blows mind: an innocent comment offering a suggestion from a person with similar stress levels and similar problems with diet choices is IMMEDIATELY met with angry, derisive scorn.
-0.8286 Literally WTF is your damage?
-0.802 If he were willing to fuck a 50 year old woman, I've no doubt that he could find a willing partner.
-0.802 You all seem to like raging assholery, so here's some for you: Y'all can go die in a fire.
-0.775 But if you want to back off on that too, fine, but then WTF were we talking about then?
-0.7233 It's an adaptive trait, even though it results in error, and we have a very hard time avoiding it.
-0.7184 I've ignored those over which there was no disagreement.
-0.6808 Once they take actions that unequivocally indicate that they are planning an act of terrorism, and not a moment before.
-0.6808 We don't and shouldn't have a recognized term for any other type of guilt; not having one is what separates us from savagery.
-0.6786 I don't need "help" with this, and people who do strike me as likely careless and, quite frankly, odd.
-0.6486 I am the person who if you drop me in a forest and tell me to cut down trees, I'll chop, chop, chop until I drop and my hands are blistered from palm to fingertip.
-0.6124 Read it again: it is unequivocally a description not of how it "sucks to be a woman" , but of how it sucks to have to deal with men.