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0.8271 Actually, I'm pretty sure she would care, and would call the girl a "harlot".
0.8074 Do you have not a single woman in your life whom you love and respect?
0.8027 The time he has served in other countries is for evading justice not drugging and raping a child.
0.743 Her suggestion that the justice system treat Polanski differently because she has forgiven him IS messed up, and should be identified as such without reservation.
0.6697 And Jay's ever-shifting timeline is at points very clearly changing to fit the facts known to the police. Does any of that affect the fact that Jay says Adnan did it?
0.6677 Yes, yes it does, or at least some not trivial segment of it does.
0.6369 Then you best believe I'll be doing one or the other, or both, depending on the circumstance.
0.6249 Whatever your point was, great, we're done here.
0.6249 In order to do that, she'd have to respect the idea of a double-standard in the first place, and be ashamed at the thought that she holds one, neither of which is true for her, I'm sure.
0.6103 Because I didn't fight him and he couldn't get into my house or me outside the gate without the keys, he gave up and took off in search of easier prey.
0.5994 They have obligations to the public, not just you, and where the public good conflicts with the victim's wishes, they *should* align with the public interest.

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-0.9432 If the rape victim feels her rape "wasn't that bad", I'm 100% okay with people telling them that's fucked up.
-0.9371 In 1970, drugging and sodomizing a 13 year was the crime of rape, punishable by prison time not to exceed 4 years.
-0.9337 Confused, lost, poorly-raised...a lot of things, JUST NOT "SLUTTY", ya sick fuck. Blocked, for littering my inbox with repulsive crap that makes my skin crawl.
-0.9186 I'd rather *just* be raped than beaten into submission AND raped.
-0.918 HE DRUGGED AND RAPED HER and is a convicted RAPIST.
-0.9124 WTF, I'm getting sick reading this bullshit.
-0.9081 I just choose to NOT burden the victim of violent crime.
-0.872 Let's see, which is actually easily avoidable: walking down the street at night or having sex with people whose character you either don't know, or is sufficiently bad that they'd report a fake rape.
-0.8625 I'm sorry, but it's EXTREMELY simple: if I have to choose which victim to protect, it's the victim of stranger rape, end of story.
-0.8591 You chose to date those unscrupulous people; I didn't choose to get targeted by a worthless human being of a stranger, and had I fought back, I'd likely be dead.
-0.8555 My point has been to reiterate that Polanski is a child rapist who used drugs to facilitate his crime.
-0.8516 That's very bad, and should be described in no uncertain terms as such, regardless of whether the speaker is the victim or not.