/u/nuala-lala is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 Actually, I'm pretty sure she would care, and would call the girl a "harlot".
0.8271 I am sure he had a better chance of beating Trump than Clinton did, and I knew and heard of quite of few right-leaning folk who, against all rhyme or party reason, liked him.
0.8074 Do you have not a single woman in your life whom you love and respect?
0.7964 I love the hubris required to imagine that your fucking nonexistent version of the story would be better than that crafted by the story's actual creators.
0.729 You're calling the story terrible because it isn't the story you wanted to hear, but that doesn't make it a bad story, just not the one you hoped for.
0.7184 Well guess what, when the wealth accumulated by the middle class over the last quarter century was wiped out in 2008, a historical commitment to racial equality stopped being enough.
0.6908 Nothing true or useful.
0.6677 Yes, yes it does, or at least some not trivial segment of it does.
0.6486 A bunch of people from socially conservative cultures whose only allegiance to the Democratic party stems from the left's historical commitment to racial equality.
0.6486 But if not, then that's just something me and my friends can sit around and speculate about. Finally, creating complex fictional universes is *hard*.
0.6369 Joss Whedon did the best he could with what was available, given that the story had to get told.

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-0.9451 In the former, the options are kill the kid by smothering, or by allowing it to be found, tortured, and killed by strangers.
-0.9186 I'd rather *just* be raped than beaten into submission AND raped.
-0.8718 Seriously, the people who sit around and bitch about minor continuity issues are the effing worst.
-0.8625 In the latter, the options are let the kid live and go to jail, let the kid live and die while apprehended, or kill the kid.
-0.8442 That's because education in this country is woefully inadequate to overcome its virulent anti-intellectualism.
-0.8323 Later on the characters got so tortured, the meaning muddled, and as a result the whole thing suffered.
-0.8308 I imagine you wouldn't like yourself very much if you weren't bothered by such things...like you'd wonder WTF was wrong with you.
-0.8271 Because his partner in deep-throating crime quite sensibly removed his cock from u/PM_ME_YOUR_GAY_FUR's airway before he died.
-0.8176 When explaining that I wouldn't try to physically fight a stranger rapist for fear of being bludgeoned, one gem of a guy replied, "Then enjoy taking it laying down so to speak".
-0.802 Better to look the father in the eye and say "sometimes when bad things happen and people die, it's nobody's fault.
-0.796 Correction, , everybody IS evil; not everyone can fucking shoot a six year old.
-0.7845 Fortunately for you, your partner removed his dick from your airway before you died, instead of keeping it there until you didn't "wake up on the bed".