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0.9334 thank you so much- I love planning things so this should be a great help!
0.93 The room ends up being a lovely clean elegant look, which suits Tati perfectly.
0.9109 7 Dwarfs I think, like you said has some novelty, but hopefully I like it :)
0.9041 yes yes yes- that would be amazing!
0.8718 I personally loved it, I am loving how happy Tati seems to be- looking forward to the next Madness Monday!
0.868 I'm not OP but I cut my own hair- I like to make sure my hair is wet before I do it- so I can see it straight since my hair is wavy- and then split it directly down the middle.
0.8622 thank you so much for these great tips- definitely looking into Biergarten and the Sci-Fi Cafe!
0.8591 Thank you so much- Australia is a gorgeous country :)
0.8591 oh wow- I'll definitely book it when it becomes closer to the date :)
0.8386 The tips about the fast passes and going on the popular rides later in the day are really helpful- thank you!
0.8355 oooh definitely do- and if you don't like them you only wasted a couple of dollars :) my favourite colour is the shade Nude Kiss- it adds a lovely warm nude tint to your lips

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-0.6808 holy shit well all of my childhood Indigenous Australian and Aboriginal classes/assignments were wrong
-0.6124 oh that sucks- I will look for another dupe aha
-0.5562 no its no worries- thanks for the rec!
-0.4767 just rubbed me the wrong way I guess
-0.4585 sorry I didn't see them- thanks for letting me know!
-0.4404 I can't seem to find any :(
-0.2578 ohmygosh I am so sorry for not commenting- I finished watching the video and completely forgot!
-0.25 no worries :)
-0.1957 I'm not too sure if material has anything to do with it, but possibly!
0.0 Big Thunder Mountain is my favourite ride of all time- so 100% going on it!
0.0 I remember my first ever proper video was TaliaJoy18's [May 2012 Favourites]
0.0 I feel you man, I feel you